Advice on defence roster and who to give emblems to

Hi, been playing for 7 months c2p. This is screen shots of my 5 star and 4 star roster. Have a fair few emblems now, between 400-900 for each class talent but wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting them on heroes that weren’t worth it. So would like advice on who to give emblems to, or who to save them for. Also, my defence team struggles in raids, some tips on who to have on my defence team and positions would be greatly appreciated

I also have enough ascension materials to ascend some 4 star heroes or continue to save them until I get enough ascension mats for my 5 stars.

Have 4 star troops to at least level 11 for red, blue, green, still don’t have my holy and dark 4 star troops so been saving my troops to level them so just have 3 star troops to level 5.

Save your emblems. At the current phase you are in, you don’t need to concern yourself on defense since you are still building your army. Even if you managed to ascend your epic and legendary heroes, they are not really much prized for defense, so you’ll expect to lose anyways. Just continue working on your rare and epic heroes.

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