Advanced Christmas Challenge TEAM COMP ADVICE

I just finished advanced with a maxed team of Wilbur Joon Khiona Lianna Rigard.

The minion stages are soooo slow with the frozen cubes

But I used Dragon attacks, bombs, axes, and 1 time stop

Didn’t struggle at all.


Stage 15 and Mother are a pain in the @$$
1 defeat and after precious items + 75 gems… to take her down… and luck…

I cant believe Im saying this, but I want more Mother than Evelyn now…


I am at the last level in advanced. I have gravemaker,joon up to last level 80. Zeline and Alasie last level to 74, Aeron to last level 54. I cant seem to get ms claus down even with time stops. have many more strong heros that I have tried like Sartana, Liliana, Fong, Khiona, and Zinkitha. With no luck yet. This is unheard of. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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How do I get past adv level 3? Mother North is completely OP. I kill all and she regen health way too fast. Cast speed supposed to be slow. Went through all my inventory and just spending time getting bored not making dent while she full health and resurrects. I’m lvl 21 and this is very off putting that I have to give up and can’t grind the challenges any further

after I tested the advance stage 12, I tried to bring the hansel but I felt it was a bit less work because the hansel skill was related to tiles to reduce the blood of the boss.
Because of the effect of the frozen tiles I felt that hansel was not suitable to bring the arena and hansel skill only 3 turns :disappointed:

What do you think? @Kerridoc, @Rigs, @King_Nothing, @TomSnow

A mana control hero (Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Proteus, Hel, Natalya, Alasie, etc.) is a big, big plus in these stages. For Hansel/Gretel/Merlin, their specials tend to have short durations, so you have to play smart. Don’t cast them as soon as they are ready, but hold them until the boss is about ready to cast, then dump piles of tiles into them.


which is frustrating and the frozen tiles that suddenly pile up, which is what makes Hansel in vain throw away the skill.
the team that I brought was proteus, hansel, richard, drake, rigard

I quit my first try on one of the later Mother North boss levels after 45 minutes. It’s mathematically impossible to beat that heal without a very specifically tailored team.


Mana control is a must…

I have got the telescope already (sooooo slow though to get there) most of the stages with this team:

Wu Kong, Proteus (3/60), Boldtusk, Hansel (4/50), Kiril (3/60).

No problems with that team and only using small mana and life potions, only reaaally slow. Of course, making sure all specials are charged before the boss.

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2nd try I used Vivica, Sartana, Alasie, Natalya and Wilbur. Wilbur may have been a mistake, but I also brought along Tornado,Timestop, and a medium mana potion just in case. Mother North didn’t get to fire once.
Edit: It was Advanced Level 19, it took so long the first time, I forgot which one it was.

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I attempted the final stage, advanced, quite a few times last night…with no success and a “nearly” broken phone.

After reading tips/strategies, and talking to my alliance, I tried again today…with success! One attempt today, so I’m really pleased.

Below is the video; Proteus was 4/34 all the rest are fully ascended.


The background music like watching mission impossible movie :joy::joy:

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I know right; was having issues the music in that no matter what I chose it would overlap that one. I don’t think I’ll make it as a music editor :joy:


I’m going to wait until I max Rigard before I take on the last two stages. Actually I might stack Vivica for the penultimate stage

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My max will be stage 18 - telescope; currently at 17.

f2p - not happy spending those 75 gems :confused:

maybe that troop token will give me a non-green 4* for those spent gems… last 5-6 tries didnt :disappointed_relieved:

Use merlin if you have him for mother north, boost his mana up with pots and you will have no problem compleating stage 23

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hansel / proteus / merlin works… i know… dont have them :confused:
but ty :wink:

I passed stage 15 with timestops.
And 17 and 18, left for me, dont have her. Im not in a hurry, whole month left

I used (left to right) Grimm (4/70), Joon (3/70), Vivica (3/70), Sartana (4/27), Sabina (4/70), and multiple super mana potions, bombs, dragon, timestops, and tornados across various levels…it was a knock out drag out on the last level…the key is to wipe out Ms. Fatty first and then kill the rest…my team struggled with it, but got the avatar at the end…going through the normal side now is like a walk in the park!

Good luck to all, this one surely is a challenge…Merry Christmas to all!

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I have been careful in setting up the boss boards to try to “unfreeze” as much of the board as I can, as well as setting up gems and dragons when possible. If you make matches with an eye to thawing cubes, it keeps the board moving, which also tends to thaw new tiles dropping in.


I didn’t use any mana control other than 1 timestop. They may help but not needed.

what do you have to put in for Hansel?

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