Advanced Christmas Challenge TEAM COMP ADVICE


I wanna try for the Advanced Christmass Challenge - at least 'till first Hero Token.

Whats your input?
Which color stack would work best?
1 or 2 healers? 3?

Anyone knows the bosses for all stages?

Thank you


What options you have for heroes?


Not many: my non 3*
RedHood 3/70, Colen 4/70, Sonya 4/70, Gadeirus 4/70, Skittle 3/60, Boril 1/1 :smiley:

P.S. just started today my first tc20 :slight_smile:

I could probably attemp the second Hero Token (3700) but thats about it I guess.

I’m thinking of a three or four red stack for the final level only because I’m terrified of Mother North’s resurrection and minions

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Does anybody know how much health will have the bosses on the last advanced level?

so anyone completed advance already? can share yr gameplan thanks

Her minions in beta would duplicate themselves after a couple turns xD

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what healers do you have?

Spirit link could work ok to help too.

gadeirus 4/70. redhood 3/70 - fairly easy till troop token

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Well, I would give it a shot at least.

Items may be key for you after a certain point.

I am on 9 in advanced and 5 in normal.

How far do you think you can take Boril? He could be useful. I’m not a riptose fan but it works well.

my strategy is to have speacials and 2 3 minions when i get to the boss…

boril i dont hink ill use him :slight_smile:
stage 18 i think it will be my limit

normal i’ll do it last… just for the asc items…

although i could use that ring ;/

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I started today and when I ran didn’t have enough flags for advanced I did a few normal levels.

You have the whole month. Get to where you feel comfortable and reevaluate where you are at. Maybe you can get farther.

yup. guess ill try :slight_smile: now that tc20 is up. no more rush is needed :wink:


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I run TC20 occasionally. I need feeders quite a bit.

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A green stack would be great: Evelyn, Buddy, Lianna, Hansel and Alberich would be my picks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t start yet. . Am leveling the team
This my line up

I try take 2 heroes each of the strong color of the mob levels and 1 strong color of the Boss.
My team is typically made up with 3 colors with 3 attackers and 2 healers.
I play the normal round with 4* and advance with 5* and 4* (usually healers)

Here are the heroes I would typically use

Color Normal Advance
Blue Kiril, Grimm Kiril, Alaise
Green Melendor, Hansel Melendor, Lianna
Red BoldTusk, Scarlett BoldTusk, Gravedigger
Yellow Chao, Gretel Vivica, Gretel
Purple Rigard, Tiburtis Rigard, Sartana
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Did anyone else have the same problem as me - Stage 15 Advanced I used BT Zim Kiril Magni Drake and Mother North continually resurrected and healed.

I was able to survive thanks to my healers but that took a very very very long time to finish. It was just back and forth and rinse and repeat.

I will use three red stack next time I think… It would be nice if I had an extra BT actually

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