Advanced Christmas Challenge TEAM COMP ADVICE

Try mixing in a mana control hero, e.g. Hansel.


I think red/green teams are best to complete this challenge

I did all stages except the last one with only 1 hero death, sartana, magni, boldtusk, lianna, joon.
And lianna died on one because I wasn’t paying attention to health. It’s the last stage that wiped me. All 3 of them, I almost had ms north dead, was all out of time stops, and health potions, then all 3 fired off and my whole team was dead before I got through all the minions.

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I beat it with my raid team: tarlak, ares, hel, lianna (maxed), and sartana (3.70). Took 3 bombs(used all), 5 arrows (used all), small mana potions (used 4), medium mana potions (used 2).

Went in to boss stage with all 5 mana’d up. Hit them with those specials, and matched purples for the 3 turns Hel froze their mana, then kept mana’ing Hel. Took out mother north with bombs / arrows, then it was easy.


Thanks, I think I’m going to try a rainbow team because colour stacking is quite suboptimal when tiles are frozen


I have the opposite train of thought lol. Sooooo much harder to put much damage out with rainbow team with frozen tiles.

why Red/Green? why not Red / Blue ? can you explain pls. green is not strong for none of the bosses, while red is strong for MN/Buddy and blue for Santa.

I tried colour stacking and it hasn’t worked out well as all the tiles just get stuck so you can’t rely on a single colour, you have to spread the risk out I think

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Because lots of the mobs are blue. I haven’t worried about the bosses much, I’m just trying to get past the mobs as fast as I can and they’re green and blue

I was wrong, red green is not good for every level. My bad. Forget I said that.

This guide/chart is critical, thanks @SilverDragonR

Mother is a nightmare and advanced stage 18 was a massive grind

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You mean stage 19 I believe… and 23.

Sorry the way I have worded it is confusing. I did mean stage 18 was a grind but I also thought mother is a nightmare on her levels (yes 19, not up to the final one yet)

Stage 18 was a massive grind because I used a double stack and two healers and it was an even match against Buddy and Rudolph for a very long time

Mother North levels are crazy without items or mana control

Mother North and Santa both have 5692 health and Buddy 5337 health in final Advanced level.

Finished it a couple hours ago. Team used: 3386 TP. Alberich 3-42, Magni 3-42, Merlin 4-70, Marjana 3-50, Vivica 3-45 along with Super Mana Potions, Mana Potions, Revive Scrolls and Dragon Attack.

Up until the final stage had been using a maxed Gretel instead of Vivica for additional mana control however against three bosses decided I’d need the second healer and Viv was able cleanse the attack and defense down from Buddy and Santa whilst I killed North.


Which heroes should I use for these difficult stages? I do also have Dragon Bombs, Fire Bombs and Axes.

My first thoughts are:

Wu / Colen / Gormek + ? +?

Other maxed heroes: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Caedmon, Gregorion (4/75), Rigard, Chao

Other leveled heroes: Sabina 3/60, Ameonna 3/60, Aeron 3/70, Vivica 2/60, G. Jackal 3/60, Hu Tao 3/60, Kelile 3/60,

You will definitely need Kiril and I highly recommend using a second healer, otherwise the three mob stages will rip you off precious items.

I think, stage 19 and 23, 24 are close to impossible with your current heroes. I would use Kiril, Colen, Gormek, Greg and Rigard - but then you have four different colors which means you don’t do much damage. Do you have Boldtusk or one of the good Mana control heroes (Hänsel, Merlin, Proteus, Gretel)? Then level BT and/or one of those up to 4/70 before you advance to the really hard stages.

I did the last two with Kiril + BT + Falcon + Gormek + Elena. So it is possible with only few 5* or special heroes, but it’s quite hard. It took me quite some time stops, bombs and tornados :wink:

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I have never been lucky enough to pull one of the mana control heroes. I do have Natalya. I could feed her all the feeder heroes I get and ascend her halfway to 3rd ascension level. I currently do not necessarilly have to level up other heroes, so I would be fine to do this. I guess by the end of this month she’ll be at 3-something if I would do that.

I’m not sure if it means anything, but I’ve been able to finish any Legendary and Seasonal Event with these current heroes without paying the 75 gems.

If I would use 5x Dragon Attacks (2k damage), 5x Bomb Attacks (1.5k) and 5x Axes (1k) the bosses their HP will be decreased by 4.5k HP,

If I include Kiril - Gormek - Colen - Rigard - Wu Kong, make sure their specials are up along with some combo’s on the board, I guess my chances are still big to take them down as there would be only 1.2k HP left.

Right? :sweat_smile:

Add big mana pots to that lineup for repeated Colen shots and you’ll win unless Wu screws you up. Might leave him aside and bring another hitter. Scarlett would be nice.


I don’t have Scarlett unfortunately. The only other red hero I have leveled up somewhat is Kelile at 3/60.

But thank you, mana pots would help out a lot. Now all that awaits is to carry out the plan and attach a lucky clover pin on Wu’s chest.

Yes, dragon/bomb/axe + big Mana pots help a lot against the bosses. If you manage to beat the mob stages without using many items, this strategy will probably work for you (therefore, 2 healers). I would also use a third hitter along with Gormek and Colen rather than Wu Kong (you want your Gormek and Colen not to miss). Try with your almost maxed Gregorion :slight_smile:

In the boss stage, take care that Mother North cannot use her special. Otherwise, you will get in serious trouble.

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