8-7 the best farming stage ever? Forget that


I have 2461 kits ( backpacks ) and 2779 swords since I run three camps at extra low cost training - no ascension items needed ( see below )



When my Wanted monster mission chest is in cool down, I am really really liking farming s1-7-7.

You get Rugged clothes for Extra fast training. Extra fast training is second best XP per recruit, but its XP per hour is 66.6 times faster than Extra low cost training. Extra fast training is also the best +special skill roll per XP. This makes it ideal for your last training camp ( “Delta”), you can alternate Extra fast ( speedy ) and Extra low cost ( most XP ).

Wooden shields from s1-8-7 are only used for Elite training ( RT13 ). Legendary training ( RT20 ) is better for summoning 4* heroes while Guaranteed rare training ( RT12 ) is better for storing food ( if you need zero 4*/ 5* heroes ).

String for Arrows. The only battle item that lowers accuracy. It can be stacked with Axes/ Bomb/ Dragon items.

On autoplay, it is fast. It produces +30% more recruits per Autoplay hour than s1-8-7. Loot tickets are still faster, but there are currently no good farming areas for recruits costing 6, or 9, World energy so you consume a lot of Loot tickets.

Farming and TC strategies: Backpacks vs Rugged Clothes vs Recruits (Grab Bag)
Feeding Heroes: One at a Time vs. Ten at Once

I see what you’re saying about recruits per autoplay hour but what’s the difference between 8-7 or 6-8 vs 7-7 for recruits per world energy?


Farming those three areas comes down to 8-7 being best exp while other two are for specific farmables. I use 6-8 for better avg drop of dragon bones while prioritizing recruits.


I’ve been trying it out, see about 8 recruits in 4-5 runs, not sure if that’s the norm. Trying to decide if rugged clothes, string, and chance of meteor fragments is worth the decrease in recruits vs farming 6-8 for iron.


If you are farming for iron in 6-8, go higher. If there is a farmable there, in addition to the recruits, cool, but iron and exp grow as you go up quite a bit further along the 3wep levels.


Oh I meant crude iron.


I’m still a fan of 8-7. I got a few dragon bones there


Thank you

Still not a


What’s the best place to farm


23-9 I farm it like crazy…
Especially using loot tickets to progress faster.


Items & recruits 6.8
Monster Chest 7.4
Items & Training 7.7
Recruits only 8.7