Feeding Heroes: One at a Time vs. Ten at Once

Nonono… That’s absolutely wrong. The odds of ten independent draws of 1% is most certainly NOT 10%!!! It’s lower.

This is compensated by the multiple levels you might go up, if that wasn’t capped at 7!

Example to clarify:

A. 1 draw 100% =1 level up
B. 2 draws 50%= 0 level 25%, 2 levels 25%, 1 level 50% => On average the same 1 level.

But if we would do this excercise 7 times simply to get to the needed 8, method A. would guarantee the end goal, whereas method B most certainly wouldn’t be a guaranteed succes. Indeed, there’s even a very remote chance method B yields no levels at all. OTOH, even with the wildest luck in the universe, you would not get 14 level ups… 7 is the best result you would be able to get. IOW, method A would be by far the better option.

Now this is a very simplified example using 50% and 100% draws, but it shows the mechanism and why the ten draw method is superior. Considering we need to get 7 level ups, maximising the odds in a draw is better than gambling on multiple level ups with lower odds.

The reason why we still stick with 1 star heroes is the scaling of exp would limit the draws if we use higher feeder heroes (We reach the xp finish line too soon, which affects the efficiency of the excercise). That said, if it was just a matter of dinging special skills with no other consideration, maximizing the odds is clearly the way to go.

(not a guarantee that 100% will go up special skills)

there seems to be a misunderstanding. maybe I wrote it wrong I mean it doesn’t have to be 100%. Sorry, because I come from Indonesia, maybe my English is still not good enough :bowing_man:‍♂:bowing_man:‍♂:bowing_man:‍♂

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Thats more accurate and correct :smile:

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I stopped doing this for 3* heroes because I maxed out my hero but not their special skill. That might be 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, but not 8/8.

This is the ONLY reason I dropped to the tedious task of hand feeding 3* with 1-2*, matching colors, one at a time, until they “skilled up”. Trust me it’s very annoying and tedious…but so far has been working.

Periodically, I will feed 10x same color of 1-2*, just for variety but it’s rare. I don’t want another one of these:


@Rook I feel your pain…

But ten heroes at the time will still deliver the best results. The difference is small, but why he bother with tedious 1 by 1 feeding? :wink:

Common training ( RT01 ) is a terrible return on XP per recruit.

I use Extra fast training ( RT19 ), the second best XP per recruit ( linky, linky )

I use Extra low cost training ( best XP per recruit ) until I have a lot of food, then switch my last camp to Extra fast training ( best XP per hour, second best XP per recruit ) for an hour or two, then switch my last camp back to Extra low cost.

To deal with the issue of 2* heroes, I feed two rainbow teams at once. One team only gets 1* heroes, the other gets 2*/ 3*/ Trainer heroes. Both teams get matching color. Once a hero is guaranteed 8/8 at max tier ( my Valen was 6/8 before 3* 1.30 ) it gets the 2* heroes.

And yes, I hoarded recruits in low cost ( RT04 ) and extra low cost ( RT11 ) until I unlocked Extra fast ( RT19 ) and Legendary ( RT20 ). Though I have since scaled down my food hoard to 24.7 million food ( 200 days of pending Legendary training )

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Because I fed my maxed Gunnar 3/8 with 10x feedings and this was the result…a maxed card, with only a 3/8 Special.

My 1x 1-2* feedings are to prevent another 3/8.


Don’t know why nobody ever realised that this is a wrong math. First chance is 20%, but second one for not pulling anything is (0.98)^10=0.9039 So, the chance to pull is merely 9.61% - that’s more than twice worst chance.
Not sure how your friend meant it, but I studied math analysis and I guarantee your calculations were wrong.

Nah, (0.98)^10=0.817072806887547. Check your calculations. I suspect you did ^5 or (equivalently) took the square root at some point, for whatever reason. :wink:


Fair enough. Thanks. Yes, the calculator played with me - it’s 18.3% The original calculation was correct then.
So, for 1* same color it’s 20% versus 18.3%
and for 2* same color it’s 40% versus 33.52%
Sorry for a confusion.

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Hi @Rook … question for you since you’re describing a situation I am in with Bane. :frowning:

He is at 6/8 special, and is 3*/49 right now. I’ve tried feeding 10 at a time, 1 at a time (all yellows) and the most I could get him to is 6/8 special. I even threw in a red one star to see if that made a difference.

My question is, once he is fully maxed at 3*/50 can I keep feeding him to see if his special improves? Or is it a done deal and he will be stuck at 6/8 special forever (so I shouldn’t waste feeding him any more)?

I’m not Rook, but have a similar hero. Yes, you can keep feeding it.

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Feed your maxed Bane one 1* yellow at a time to minimize the cost.


Thanks! - I was hoping there was a chance. :slight_smile:

I will keep going 1 at a time yellow only. He’s only 1- 1* from his level 50 max right now. Guess I will go ahead and pull that trigger (maybe he’ll hit 7/8? Lol). And then feed him periodically.

This is wrong.

Chance is (0.98)^10= 0.817072806887548.

My calculator rounded last different from yours, but I agree.

Additional, this is chance to get ZERO increase, it does not include the chance to get 1 to 8 increases.

There are several posts about this


Mine so stubbornly refused to level above 3/8 that I actually restarted a new one (which went to 8/8). Choice is yours.

I’d be happy with 7/8 in that case! :wink:

Yeah - I would do that if I had a 2nd Bane … :confused: :frowning:

My Bane is now stubbornly sitting at 6/8 maxed. Feeding a few 1* yellows did nothing. Sigh.

This makes me worried now for all of the rest of my 3*s …

Oh, really?!? Your response is mere 15 hours behind Sidhekin’s one! :wink:

( totally deadpan) But his is 0.817072806887547 and mine is 0.817072806887548

obviously Big Calc is messing with both of us.

My personal experience is that all of the heroes I’ve leveled with 10 heroes have had level 8 skill before finishing the third ascension…whereas my Bane(as a literal example) was only at 6 skill after maxing him out.

ALL of my heroes are max skill WAAAY before they come anywhere near close to being used on a team using the 10 at once method.

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