8-7 the best farming stage ever? Forget that

I would like to change your opinion about this stage.

This stage is only good for two things:
recruits (9 avg per run, 3 per energy)
common herbs (2 avg per run, 0,66 per energy)

and that’s it.

This stage is so bad for anything else, that it is hard to believe, check this:

I got to 9,8 energy to get 1 adventurer’s kit (adki) and 7,66 energy to get 1 practice sword (prsw).
compare this with 23-9
5,7 energy to get 1 adki and 6,23 energy to get 1 prsw (stats after 89 runs). This will probably settle at 6 over time.

8-7 can give you as low as 6* worth of loot (avg 11,5)
compare with 23-9
lowest ever is 17* worth of loot (avg 27).

So either loot given in this stage has been changed or there is a lot of misinformation on the forum.
Many people believe that this stage is the best.

I have to add one more stat:
In 8-7 I got 16 times a 3* ingredient (you can’t get a 3* asc.item here) in 46 runs, that is 8,6 energy per 1.
In 23-9 I got 82 times a 3* ingred. (+25 3* asc. items) in 90 runs, that is 7,6 energy per 1.

Same with heroes:
8-7 is 7,2 energy per 1 hero
23-9 is 6,7 energy per 1 hero

Can’t compare troops, cause it seems to me that 23-9 is especially designed to give green troops.


You have my attention. 8-7 has been good for recruits but not much else. Where do you prefer?

My advice: play 23-9 all the time.

23-11 is slightly better but only has 3 monsters and you will probably be forced to use battle items. You don’t have to in 23-9 if your team power is somewhere above 3500.

My 23-9 superstats are almost prepared. You can check it here in two or three days.

What are you trying to maximize at 23-9? Or does it give lots of everything?

The difference is 23-9 is 9 recruits per 7 energy.

I.need recruits more than anything especially practice swords of which I have thousands


I can say that, yes.

Of course. That’s why I excluded it and said 8-7 is only good for recruits and common herbs. And the average in 23-9 is 10 recruits per 7 energy.

Ah, I replied when you only had the first line of your original post up. Thanks for the additional info.

Recommend 16.9…recruits up to 10 and lots of stuff…cost only 5😆


What about other stages with many recruits?

-Yes 8-7 loot was nerfed by the Devs because really.

-Now that I have legendary training, I burn through 50+ 24- 72 recruits per day or 74- 122 depending on what training I am running. It would be even more if I ran multiple legendary camps, but right now I am leveling too many 4* as is ( but not you Boldtusk, where are you hiding ).


I plan to do 12-9. Should be good for recruits but I have no additional info about loot.


I alternate between 8-7 and 5-8 depending on what I need. 8-7 is good for recruits, yes (and used to be good for mats as well). 5-8 is great for the backpacks.


Interesting topic for me as I would rather farm a higher level for better exp and I currently don’t need recruits (I’d run out of food to train them before I’d run out of recruits).

Aside from standard loot however, 8-7 gives you twice the rolls for trainers/troops for your energy than higher cost levels, so I am curious how that weighs in. Additionally, certain items may have a higher drop chance, but is is twice the drop rate to account for the energy spent?

I do really wish this game was more clear cut with farming higher levels being worth more than lower levels.


Eager to see this superstat sheet for 23-9, your work on here is always 10/10

I mainly go back and forth between 20-4 and 23-7, if I’m not looking for anything particular they seem to give me a good stock of all sorts. I’ll still switch back to 8-7 for one or two runs when my backpack:recruits ratio gets thrown off by how good the other two are to me.

Someone knows if there’s another good recruits stage in 3 flags zone?

We always do 8-7 because is the max exp value, but giving up on some exp to get better loot seems a good trade.


I prefer 23-9 because I don’t need any battle items here. In lower province 23 levels there are bosses with poison attacks where you have to use antidotes.
The 23-9 boss just removes buffs from you, no poison, no DoT, nothing. It is not that easy but the best stage for me. I did 20-4 A LOT. Over 400 times but I like 23-9 better now.


For someone who is not after recruits, I recommend 7-4 for farming. Yes it has 4 rounds and takes more time, but I get around one 2* HERO (not recruits, not backpacks, a 2* hero directly) every 4 battles. Considering we put backpacks on tc and can get most 1* it’s been really nice to receive a hero from the spot. Most times I get Brogan and Hao, so you may want to give it a try. It’s also a great place to get mushroom crypt and potent leaves


I still prefer 8-7 because it has a good monster/energy rate and you can easily auto-farm. I can spend my remaining energies for quests and can skip times for monster chests whenever my energies are full again. No interest in farming higher stages were you spend all your energies to complete a monster chest…


same here.
5.8 is quick to farm, drops backpacks, and sometimes 1* feeder heroes.

I do 8.7 only for recruits if I need some (many of them are still happily lodging in TC11) - and yes, the drops in 8.7 were definitely nerfed.

For XP, I farm 20.4
Alberich and Bokdtusk are recommended if you want to farm 20.4 on autoplay.