7 Tattooed Cupcakes is looking for you!

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New alliance with a mix of experienced & learning players. Looking for experienced, adult, daily players to join our international group. Chat encouraged but not required. Fighting 7* Titans.

Required: 2000+ cups (negotiable) and 30+ heroes for war.

Alliance expectations:
• read and follow the Featured Message instructions
• Min.3 Titan hits in the first 10hrs after it spawns
• use all war flags according to strategy
• give full effort on Titans and War
• continue to learn & grow as a player
• don’t be a jerk

If this sounds like the right fit for you, send a join request today!

Mergers: Recruiting is hard and we respect the creativity of approaching other groups to merge however we have ‘been there, done that’. We welcome small groups to join as members. We are not interested in moving our group. Leader/Elder roles will not be offered but will be considered after 30 days of membership.

Line ID: commando.cupcake
Discord: Commando Cupcake#9864

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This is new to me I’m sorry if I mess something up on here but I am trying to figure out how to do all this still and yes I would like to be part of y’all’s family and friend on this game and to join y’all thank you

Hi Mize! We’d love to have you with us! If you search 7 Tattooed Cupcakes in alliance search within the game, you will see a view button. You should then see a join button. I’ll be heading to bed shortly but am on now. If not we’ll be thrilled to welcome you in the morning!

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Thank y’all I am. Getting off of hear and back to the game to look for you

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Won our war by using every flag. Third war in a row with perfect participation!

I remember you guys!!
We faced you last war…and lost…
But I sure I did some damage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:

They really should have a record for war ( under the new history )…

Hey! I remember you too! It was a pretty good battle if I recall correctly! It was the Candy and Cupcakes war! If you’re ever looking for a change, keep us in mind. :grin:

Starting week 3! Check us out today and get in on the ground floor!

@CmdCupcake I may be leaving Candy , those guys are awesome but feeling like I’m standing still due to inactives ( or actives but not heavily participating) so may consider you folks.

@Justab0x You would be incredibly welcome! Let me know if you have a questions for me!

We’re committed to growing and being competitive. We’re making a couple of tough decisions today in line with that. I say that only to reassure you that we’re not afraid to do it, and that our goals are the same! :blush:

@CmdCupcake Just say when I’ll be there 🙋

I already told the boys at candy, they understand

Edit : Discord Box#7973

@Justab0x Awesome!!! I’m off and on all day but will be logged on steadily from about 5:30 CST! Can’t wait!

First reset of the battlefield in under an hour! Imagine what we would do if you joined us… Check us out.

Bumpity bump bump! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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