Img0ingToEatYourPancakes is seeking chill, active members!

Our alliance, ‘ImG0ingToEatYourPancakes’ is in need of active members! Requirements are as follows:

1: A minimum of 600 trophies…Perfect for people who are relatively new, although we have a pretty wide spread of members experience-wise.

2 (And this is VERY important): Must participate in EVERY war and fight EVERY Titan. I emphasize this point because we’ve had members in the past who, despite being active daily, wouldn’t do so.

That’s really about it. All new members are also strongly encouraged to join our group chat on Facebook to address any questions about the alliance or the game itself…or just to chew the fat in general.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!


Spots for nine active members still needed…Come join us!

Very wise to have such an open recruitment, but I still find that the 600 is a bit much-then you will not be able to build new players from scratch. They are the most loyal and responsive players in most alliances.
I’m just wondering why you’re putting 600, when you might as well set it to zero.
I’m just curious…

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