5* heroes positioning guide

No costume for Rigard unfortunately. I think your first suggestion is great for now as Joon is not maxed quite yet. Thanks again!

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What emblem path do you use for Marie?

As a tank, Defense-HP

Would you be willing to share your path?

This is what I have so far

Going to disagree with your analysis of Isarnia. You put her as rarely for the center tank position but actually I would argue that she is the best season 1 5* tank.

Mine has 888 defense and is difficult to knock out without a great board. If she goes off once, it’s extremely difficult to recover but twice and it’s almost a sure win.

On the other hand, she is slow and if you place her on a flank, she often doesn’t even go off before dying.

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I personally have gone shield path with Marie and am quite happy with her. A serviceable enough tank for AW and great for purple stacks and utility. Already has decent tile damage and she is primarily utility so skipping sword nodes unless along the way with shields.


Prioritizing Defense over HP so I would go left, left and left again. Because my first emblem are on wilbur, you are more advance than me so far. I got only 6.

“Rarely” means that the hero could be good in that position under specific circumstances. In your case, you have a heavily emblemed Isarnia with defence path so she is much sturdier.
And if she fires it would be difficult for the attacker to recover.

But after all, Isarnia is slow, there are some fast/very fast counters to her (Zimkitha, Grazul, Magni). Chances are that they will be ready to fire right before or right after Isarnia fires (unless the attacker gets a terrible board). Also, she does not slow down the attacker, she just makes it easier for her allies to kill the opponent’s heroes.

That depends on the other heroes (most specifically on the tank). If the tank is a hero who can make it really difficult for the attacker to take him/her down (such as Guin, BK, etc.), Isarnia is better off as a left flank. But if you lack a good tank, Isarnia could be placed there.

Even with emblems, I wouldn’t call her the best S1 tank. Heroes such as Richard and Justice are much more tanky and have specials that slow down the attacker which can make it difficult to take them down.

May I ask what defence team you are running?

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Here is my defense- it isn’t the most ideal, I would prefer a large number of heroes over Grazul for example. But I wake up to 2550ish trophies everyday and I have opened the app to being in the top 40 global before- so somehow it out performs against expectations.

Your logic is fine and all.

I see 2 areas where I have a different opinion

  1. I would never max Justice or use Richard (even costumed) on defense.

When it comes to Justice, ascension mats are very expensive and using them on Justice is a complete waste. Better to have dupes of Joon or Vivica than a single Justice.

I have gone up against a lot of costumed Richard’s lately (although nowhere near as many as Ursena or Kunchen), and his hits are pretty weak. One healer recovers/cures his special to irrelevance, even if it takes another turn or two before they fully charge.

  1. If you use a non-costume Isarnia on defense, she should be a steel cannon Isarnia (defense track emblems with no- mana troops) to best ensure she activates:

With Irsania, the attacking team must be ready when she goes off. So as to your point, if you have a good board, her attack doesn’t matter but neither does any tank’s. When you have an average board, Isarnia’s attack has a huge impact. There are many heroes that will be knocked out by normal hits immediately after Isarnia’s special during the same round.

All that said, if this game would let me have Telluria, I would probably move Isarnia aside lol.

To end my ramble, if you are going to use a non-costumed isarnia with no 23 mana troops on defense, she needs to be a tank in order to ensure a material impact. You’re better off not using her on defense than sticking her on the flank or wings. Even if you have a guin tank, a good board will take out guin and isarnia before both go off, and a bad board means you would lose regardless of who is next to guin.

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Any thoughts on positioning Jean-Francois? Based on what I have going for me now and your recommendations that are available for heroes I do have, this may be my best bet…

Once Telluria is fully leveled this could be a strong defense. I’m also considering swapping out Neith for Justice because of emblems, though I would need Darts to ascend Justice to 4th tier.

Justice’s main role is to be a tank. Telluria is a better tank than her so I wouldn’t give the darts to Justice.

The best position for JF is on flank. He should fire earlier in the battle in order to make a difference.
I’d try to replace Neith with someone else and run Seshat-Misandra-Telluria-JF-(Joon/Poseidon?).
You can also try to replace Misandra if you have a better blue.

If you have to run the current team, I’d change it to Seshat-JF-Telluria-Neith-Misandra (the problem here is that IF Misandra chains and IF she adds enough mana to her allies that their mana bar becomes full, they won’t be able to fire in the same turn. Even though this is too hypotetical, this positioning isn’t ideal).


I think you mean level 17 mana troops, level 23 is for average heroes.

Well, I’ve been trying different defence teams and this is what I’ve been running in the past few weeks:

I usually wake up to 2500/2600+ cups. This team has been working for me the best. As you can see, Isarnia+2 is on flank with level 21 mana troops and this team has been doing better than having Magni+7 instead of her.

Your Isarnia is working well as a tank because she is heavily emblemed with a defence path and she is equipped with crit troops. Also, the heroes around her provide a lot of support. But if your Isarnia was not talented, it would not be a good idea to have her as a tank.

But after all, it all depends on the board. If the attacker gets a great board, they can beat pretty much any defence team. If the board is terrible, even a weaker defence team can destroy the attacker.


You have an awesome team. Very different from the typical lineups I go up against. I would probably enjoy raiding yours more just because of it being unique.

I am curious if Mother North revivals are enabling your flanks to go off when they would otherwise just be dead. I also have a heavily emblemmed Azlar that I would love to stick on defense if I had a revival hero.

If I ever get to go up against you, I will probably stack 3 blues and 2 reds (marj and graz) and focus on knocking out MN first so that Isarnia doesn’t come back to life to shatter my team in time for Azlar to also come back to life and fry them lol.

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I’m also really curious, but unfortunately I can’t attack my own team :grin:

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for the mana troops on costumed isarnia when considering the costume mana bonus, it’s not level 23?

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I’m not entirely sure about that, but according to this thread: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed, you need 20% bonus to reduce the tiles needed for a slow hero.

5% bonus from costume + 13% mana (level 23 mana) + 2% from level 19 on the talent tree = 20% so technically, it is possible to reduce the number of tiles needed.

But you still need to take her to +19 in order to achieve that.
(Again, I’m not sure so don’t quote me on that)

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A good new feature in this game would be for it to do the mana math for us and let us know what mana speed the hero is at when joined with her bonuses or troops.

Lol, anyway, if I ever get her costume, I will let you know.


Justice and Neith are my only 5* yellows. Magni, Richard, and Miki are my only other 5* Blues besides Misandra. Any thoughts?

I maxed Justice and use her at tank. Since that point I have seen my average cups increase about 100+. I rarely drop out of diamond at all now. I even use her on offense sometimes. She works well with Vivica.

You have to deal with what the game gives you – especially when F2P – and Justice is IMHO not at all a waste.


I disagree, you will eventually get many Joons from your TC. All are more useful than Justice but anyway now that you have her, it’s good that she is helping.

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