5* heroes positioning guide

I have 3 Joons already …

None are on my defense

None of the other blue heroes fit your team so that would be your best bet, imo:

Eventually eh… I’ve been playing 1.5 years, TC20 up and running and spending on pulling; I’ve yet to get a single Joon. So yeah, EVENTUALLY.

I don’t see Jean-Francois. What would be best and worst position for him?

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I haven’t added him yet, the last time I updated the table was at the end of January. I’ll add him, Telluria and the S3 heroes in the next 2-3 weeks.

It would be rarely-yes-maybe-best-maybe for him.

I view him as a right flank in most situations as the left side should be reserved for buffers/debuffers. But if you don’t have any, he can be a left flank as well.

In some cases, he could be a tank, but since he can turn any defence debuffs into +42% defence buff, it would be better to make sure that the attacker has enough time to charge up their specials. Therefore, I don’t think that tank is the best position for him (despite his +defence against ice).

In the wings he wouldn’t be very destructive as he won’t fire as often.


He’s already on “yes” position, I’ll try him on “best”, thanks a lot!
What’s your stats on Telluria?

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Since she is a newer hero, these may change but I’d now rate her as: worst-rarely-best-no-worst.


D_DI, thaks a lot for your help! Do you have time to help me with my attack team? I have all the positions but this town is too small for Boril and Buddy. :frowning: I just don’t know where to place Sabina. Other two are Poseidon and Gormek.

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Do you mean attack or defence team?
For attack you need to choose your heroes depending on the opponent’s team.

If it is for defence, are these heroes emblemed? Do you have other maxed/talented heroes?

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You see, I’m too lazy to change teams according to the enemy.
I have talents on Gormek +10, Sabina +6, Buddy +7, Boril +6, Poseidon is 3/70 waiting for darts :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to tell what team will work against every single defence.
You can use Sabina, Buddy, Boril + 2 heroes of the strong colours. I’m not sure that Poseidon at 3-70 is a good choice if you have talented 4* heroes. Also, the attack team doesn’t have to be rainbow.

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Got it! So far Poseidon is my best holy hero and he’s doing amaizing work. Im leveling Jackal, got all mats. Got Chao maxed but I chose to give all emblems to Boril.
Where would you place Sabina, Buddy and Boril in defence?

In the centre: x-Sabina-Boril-Buddy-x


Thanks a lot for your rime D_DI :slight_smile:

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@D_DI I am creating something at the moment that I am to take live some time soon.

I have used your chart as a guide to save me hours of research ect, I will credit you on anything
I make live that includes you date/info/chart

If you could let me know when you have or are able to add the new s3 heroes that be great

If you would like to chat about anything I’m on line - pro-gamer527

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am glad that my chart is helpful for the E&P players.

I will probably add the S3 heroes next week.

I don’t use Line, but you can tag me here if you need anything.

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No worries, I will wait for the s3 hero updates.

I’m working on spreadsheet that will allow users to enter there defence line up and based on the
information on your chart it will give them a score and or and explanation (similar to your chart)

i’ve only just started on it yesterday but I have the fundamentals down, just fine tuning for 5s atm
before looking into 4

When I make live, is there any other name you like to be credited by or is D_DI ok?

Thanks again

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Sounds interesting.

D_DI and a link to this thread is fine.

Good luck :+1:


Hello, I was thinking about creating a new defense team.

I wanted to use wilbur, isarnia, kiril, azlar and sabina.
Wanted to use 2 healers and wilbur, plus two aoe damage dealers. So that they could survive long enough to fire. Is this a good idea? And what order should I use? Im not sure where to put sabina

they will all be maxed soon cause I have the mats. I have lianna, quintus, musashi, sartana wu and boril maxed as well so if they would be better at any place just give me a hint please.

I wouldn’t use only 3 colours on defence.
Also, Kiril and Wilbur should not be in the same team (the 30% defence buff can overwrite the 63% buff).

I don’t think that you should use 3 4* heroes on your team given that you have quite a few maxed 5* heroes.

The problem is that you don’t have a good 5* tank and a 5* healer.

One option is: Sartana/Musashi-Azlar-Kiril-Quintus-Lianna. (I’m not a big fan of Musashi on defence so probably Sartana is the better option even though the team is not rainbow).

Another option is to go without a healer:
Sartana-Isarnia-Azlar-Quintus-Lianna or Sartana-Azlar-Isarnia-Quintus-Lianna (depending on whether Azlar or Isarnia has tankier stats when emblemed).


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