4 reds, only 4 blades

Which one would you ascend first?

  • Santa Claus
  • Khagan
  • Boldtusk
  • Gormek

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Not having any other information I (and everyone else) can only make assumptions about your roster…

Imma assume you don’t have the remaining 4 blades, 6 rings etc needed to max one of the 5* heroes so they’re out of contention.

Means it’s between Boldtusk and Gormek

Now assuming again that you don’t have a maxed copy of either, BT is definitely the better and more useful option.


It really does depend on the rest of your roster and the available mats. Also your play style and any alliance tank co-ordination in war etc etc.
But just based on the 4 heroes above, I would go for Santa he is a good red tank.

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If we’re talking 4* sitting at 3.60 and 5* sitting at 2.60…

If you have Grimm or Tibertus, 100% Boldtusk.
If you don’t have Grimm or Tibertus (or Wilbur) then maybe Gormek but depends on your stock of healers already.

Deck pics would really help here.

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First pass read that as “■■■■ pics”

But here is a great Deck Pic:

Or a beach view:
images (15)

And now I should stop going off topic here…


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: @Guvnor

Thanks fellas! Other teammates are - melendor, chao, vela and cyprian and santa. So to me best choice would be Gormek since I already have good healer (need one with debuff) and santa’s cool with minions but downside is his slow mana.

Melendor is the squishest healer, and we need many healer for war, raid, tournament (except bloody battle)… so for long-term, I think Boldtusk is the 1st priority. Or if you ascend Gormek 1st, then next one should be Boldtusk.

For 5* heroes, better 3-4x rainbow 4* maxed 1st, then work on 5* heroes.
General advice from @Guvnor:

And do not forget to see the poll result, zero Gormek :sunglasses: (I know this is just a reference, should not be your final decision).


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