3k less it's normal?

It’s normal that difference off power in a war?

End score you mean? With all flags used? Should not be normal! You have a screenshot?

Not that weird when you have that many members

Matchmaking is a ladder system that starts matching at the top and works it’s way down

Once the system gets that low in the ranks/# of members, it gets fewer options on who to match with who and still follow the rules of the system

So yea anywhere between 1 and 20 members…might as well expect some wonky matchups

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In addition to what @Rigs said, it might be possible that players opted in or out for war after matchmaking was finished in either side. The war points are always calculated from all players actually opted in.


For my it’s not normal and it’s not just, sorry

What were the war scores of your past matchups?

Tried merging this topic but my phone / Discorse is skitzing out.

Please check this thread for the main war discussion:

For complaints/ unfair there is thus thread:

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