Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Sorry but, It’s a joke?

My aliance:
27 members
Power 20th member 2550
Aliance score 79k (36k+43k)

Oponent aliance:
30 members
Power 20th member 3100
Aliance score 98k (46,5k+51,5k)

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28 members. 4 below lvl 12. 1 inactive
Power 20 th member 2321
Alliance score 46283

24 Members
20th member power 3050
Alliance score 81949

They are twice our Team Power even if we could field a full roll, this is worse than before.
This is going to force us to field a full field of 1 star


Good luck on that… I guess you MUST put 5 heroes now for any defense and minimum loss will be 20 points each

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We will also lose the full kill bonus of 200.
But what else can we do?

I’m trying to hold off on judging until we fight but I’m definitely concerned at the moment.

Our team: max power of any team is about 3700, and only 3 of us can field teams that strong. 5 are under 3000. As far as I know, there are only 4 maxed 5* heroes in the entire alliance. I’m one of the strongest players and I have none. Score about 104k.

Their team: they have 6 above 3700 (this is just their defense teams), 2 above 4000, and all but 1 above 3000. I saw about 28 maxed 5* on their defense teams; even their 15th ranked has one on their defense. Score about 109k.

Not expecting great things here. But maybe some of the opposing teams are inactive, maybe those high zoot teams are all the players have and their power levels fall off sharply after that, who knows? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


What full kill bonus? There isn’t any bonus points for killing the whole alliance (if that is what you mean)

Why do you feel forced to field 1* heroes? what difference does that make? Why not atleast try properly, if you lose you lose. Isn’t it better to do it properly rather than doing a stupid 1* defence?

Now my match up isn’t that good either, the enemy team has almost double the alliance score (35k vs 65k). We’ll have to see how the war goes, but indeed at the first glance this seems worse than titan score.


Just fight with honor.

You cannot really know the outcome until at least after most players have used 3-4 attacks. You cannot know how many players on the other side have a deep bench of heroes and how many will be active during the war.


@petri, could you expand the criteria for the election of the participants in the wars a little?
You say that it is by the power of the heroes, the best hero of each team?
The best five?
All the heroes of each player?

By expanding our current war a little, total power of the defensive teams of our war (our alliance always has the best heroes in the defenses):
We: 74969 (27 members)
Our opponents: 92301 (30 members)


Not balanced at all. We have 44k they have 10k more… which is a lot, given the low numbers. We each have 27 members, all of their’s are 2k and up power. Ours are mostly 1k. You cannot tell me that our ppl have even ONE hero that is equivalent to their steongest one hero. They looked at player number and called it fair. The rest of how they ‘balanced’ the matching is not reflected in matches that I have seen, or heard about.


I sure hope it’s not only the top 5 Heros, because that does nothing to measure potential bench strength. It really needs to be top 30 if they are going to use that metric.

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Apparently it is only the best hero from each member that is taken into account.

Interesting. We never had such difference between the defense teams with the previous matching. I think that our defeat can be severe lol


Hello, we compare the Top 30 strongest Heroes of each player, when the matchmaking occurs for the Alliance Wars now. Hope this helps to clarify the change!


Hello Petri, you mean the top 30 heroes of all the alliance, or for each member ? I mean what happen if a member have 30 5* and the others only 2* :slight_smile:


top 30 heroes of each player or top 30 of the whole aliance? Because some matches are still terrible.
The right thing would be top 30 of each player (900 heroes of each alliance)

Thanks for the clarification.

The 30 best heroes of the whole alliance or the 30 best heroes of each player of the alliance?

Each player. :slight_smile:


But why we are facing still uneven number of players, we have also 26 vs 30. One of the notes of the update was number of players in the alliance. If is not like this than the hero rooster match will be not accurate.

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But if the balance of heros over the alliance isnt even, it will be worse than before?

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Thanks :smile:

Then it seems that they have a worse “bench”. Let’s see if we can give them a funny war.

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