Hi guys, I need help about ascend fire heros

Please answer based on experience of using the hero because I already read incorrect comments enough that cause I made huge mistakes.
I have Azlar, Marjana, C Elena, Reuben, Second Gefjon, Badlur and Yang mai. I already maxed Santa and Gefjon, I have 15 rings too.
I think Badlur is best of them myself and not as bad as what people said about, even bring him down to the worst hero of game.
Please say your opinion and reason, thanks in advance.

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I think Baldur is the best choice too. I’d rule out Marjana because a 2nd geflon would attract me more. That said, I think Yang Mai’s elemental link will help that red stack a lot more than the others.



Thank you for your opinion

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What I’ve done with my Marjana is get her to 3.70 so she can be used a bit on ninja tower and tavern early levels, so that if I ever get her costume she’s ready to go forward.

I have no regrets on maxing and embleming my c.Elena. The counterattack destroys AOE opponents quickly, and snipers snipe themselves.

Yang Mai hits hard 50% of the time, and the mana boost is very meaningful on a mono red team. I enjoy using mine, and consider her worth the rings.

I’m not impressed with Baldur, but I don’t think he’s bad at all. He’d be my 3rd choice.

I would do Baldur and Yang Mai.

Baldur makes your entire team immune to mana cut which makes him very valuable when facing Bera/Freya teams. He also offers decent tile damage even without emblems.

Yang Mai is a fun hero and her elemental link can be very valuable for a red stack.

Thank you so much for your opinion

How does he help Bera ? It’s just for when they die and mana reduce, right? I forgot it totally although that skill always made problem for me.

Go for C Elena and Yang Mai… It will diversify ur options… As each hero is unique in its way and prooves most suitable according to situations…

Baldur is good but damages too low that to a random enemy… he can wait till the ladies tops up…

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