20th node (Monks, Sorcerers and Druids) -- Mana Bonus for 3* and 4* - worth it or not?

Will the additional 4% mana bonus for emblems level 20 in monk class (Bjorn) be beneficial in any way? As long as there is no mana bonus on 2 or 3* troops.

Personally, I don’t emblem any 3* beyond node level 6

Only for costumed 3*s and 4*s does the mana node make a difference in Rush Attack tournaments (and upcoming wars).

Because 5% from costume + 4% from 20th mana node = 9% speed buff. That’s the same number you need to bring a v. fast to 6 tiles.

Off the top of my head, these are the ones that come to mind for me:

Relevant 3*s:

  • cGunnar
  • Brienne+CB
  • cFriar Tuck (also Friar+CB but why would you use him over costumed…)
  • cHawkmoon
  • Bane+CB
  • Belith+CB

Relevant 4*s:

  • Caedmon+CB
  • cSonya
  • Li Xiu+CB
  • cKiril
  • Skittleskull+CB
  • cBoldtusk
  • cKashhrek

I wouldn’t worry about mana nodes except for the classic heroes with costumes in those classes basically.

Particularly I would really consider the 4*s. Since Rush Attack is coming to wars, it also means I don’t necessarily need to give my cSonya a mana troop – I can just give her a crit troop and she’ll still charge in 6 tiles.

And this also applies to the 5*s too of those classes (though it’s very expensive to get to that node)


Thx, that helps a lot.

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