2 options for def team - please advice

Dear All.
I was lucky to get Telluria who will be tanking soon.
But who shall assist her in my def team - it’s only for raid team. My choices are very limited due to being f2p…
My first approach - rainbow setup.

Alternative - blue flanks but no Vela :frowning:

Available replacements: Joon, Kadilen, Ares (max)
Optional: Azlar, 2nd Mariana, 2nd Sartana, Quintus, 2nd Magni (max as an option - mats secured).

I sit comfortably in low diamond with:
Kadilen / Magni / Ares / Rana / Sartana
But when Ares will give away the emblems I need some modification :slight_smile:

Is your Azlar maxed/emblemed?

I wouldn’t put Thorne anywhere other than tank and you already have Telluria for that position.

Sartana-Azlar-Telluria-Magni-Joon or Sartana-Rana-Telluria-Magni-Marjana (depending on whether Azlar is talented or not).

I’ll start Azlar immediately after Telluria is finished.
My barbarian emblems lay with Grimm +19 and Nordri +20, but remaining ones allow to make Azlar at +9 at least…

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