⚔ [18 Jul, 2021] - 117th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

Well, I tried an experiment with S2 1:9N (need to do for PoV anyway)


Minion without

And with EDD


Damage-numbers from minions seem to be noticeable higher with EDD.

Edit: @Liam_K yes, from the ice-heroes only, that’s why not all minion-hits are higher. Check my screenshots, I tried to capture that


No healer! ?

Going all-in?

Sounds like it’s only for minions belonging to an Ice hero (regardless of minion creator)


1st Draft

2nd Draft

Opinions plz

The 1st. Helo’s cleanse will be more important than minions. I know I would attack your defence with c.Gunnar to overwrite Gunnar’s buff. Helo could save your team with a cleanse - before I can fire my AoE heros. :slight_smile:

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I have c.Hawkmoon with emblems, that is viable here, but she’s red. If I’m going with red, I want it to be Sudri, because he can turn the battle around. And I’m not in the mood to put emblems on blue healers atm. So, yeah. Going all-in, but with no expectations as well. :joy:


Just like my thinking…

Helo and Frosty and Kvasir all make sence to be in the defense team…

So let’'s trow them out completely and go nuts! :crazy_face:

My game! :rofl:


Going to try something different this tournament.

I call it the “Heal thyself while waiting for the wings to fire” defense :joy::crossed_fingers:

Have enough Aether to limit break either Frosty or Helo but will probably not do it.

Good luck rushing everyone!




I hope I won’t be matched up against you this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s mine. Went with Gunnar instead of the costume. His defensive stats are ridiculous, 785 × 1.63 × 1.05 = 1334. cGunnar -44 with Nordri -54 is also very strong but decided to split the difference.


What do you think about this team?

Ideally, you would like to pair c.Gunnar with some heros that hit multiple targets. Two Gatos are not a good idea - their snipe will be shared between 5 heros, so the impact will not be huge… If you want to try these heros, I would rather go with regular Gunnar instead.

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It looks like nobody is going with Kvasri in the def team … but Frosty is inviting a Kvasir?

Should I put either of them in my def team?

Just received my 5th Aether to ascend a five star but I spend all the little ones on 3 and four stars…

Me stupid:

I do not regret it for one second though…


Changed my mind, let’s go all blue:


Going mono?

Are you sure? :slight_smile:

i have some interesting options. gonna go with this, though?


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Imo, healers are a waste for 3* Rush less they put some pressure on the opposing team (C. Hawkmoon/Grevle), and even then, they take the place of someone who would be even more punishing

Idk, for me, 3* Rush matches happen so fast, that I’ve rarely seen a healer be the make-or-break [defensively]. A lot of the time I don’t even use a healer offensively :laughing: But since I don’t have emblems/LB on any of mine, nor leveled 2* troops, could definitely be influencing my perspective on this. It’s kill fast or be killed :joy:

So what I’m thinking:

Almost did C. Ulmer instead, but figured normal-:peach: Ulmer is more devastating regardless (better attack stat). Esp if C. Gunnar falls early tho, that defense down will be [more] game-changing.

C. Gunnar vs Gunnar as most of these guys are AoE

& Imo, Sudri is a must (esp following C. Gunnar)


i do note 5 cHawkmoons in the top,5 defenses from last time. just sayin’.

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