⚔ [18 Jul, 2021] - 117th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

I’m switching the positions of my Helo and Frosty. On the rare occurrence of the enemy having a Kvasir and both healers are charged, I’d want Helo’s Cleanse to fire first


I will go with this defense

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I am happy with this team.
Quickly broke Gunnar last night.


This is mine. Been waiting to try out Spider-Man. Two reds is not ideal but Sudri is too relevant in this format to bench!


Vollermork totally underwhelmed me last 3* rush. His fiends were ignorable. Sudri however… He is a beast in rush…

Last time this format rolled around, there weren’t any non-green healers besides hawkmoon; frosty only came along during that tournament. Now there’s frosty, helo and candy.

But for the question: healer or not, I think a team with a healer will do better then one without. But we’ll see! (I put in helo)


Just had a time out vs Frosty. I had Gunnar and Helo left.

Very fast heal is almighty.


Day 1:

O: 4-1; After 4 wins, came 0… I guess it’s just like that sometimes, in rush attack. Everything that worked in previous battles just didn’t work in the last. Mostly used c.Gunnar, c.Ulmer, c.Hawkmoon, Sudri and Kvasir. 3 of these can be charged in 6 tiles, which turned out to be really important.

D: 0-0

Better luck to you! :slight_smile:


Day 1

O : 5-0

Go with Helo - Pixie - Gill-Ra - C Renfeld - C Oberon in all attack. This the first time that I use C Renfeld and C Oberon in rush attack tournament. C Oberon is very powerful. He can also charge in 6 tile. My C Oberon deal 3x151 undispellable damage in battle. C Renfeld is great too. He slow enemy by a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are opponent in order

My battle start with bad board today but opponent is pretty weak. Rudolph tank fire 2 time on my C Oberon and Jahanger kill him. Then C Ulmer fire and I flip increase attack with Gill-Ra. And I slowly kill them one by one with Pixie and C Renfeld :slightly_smiling_face:

The board is very good this time. C Gunnar fire once but I charge all my heroes. So, Helo cleanse, Gill-Ra lower enemy atk and def, Pixie kill Sudri, C Renfeld kill tank and slow flank mana and C Oberon poison the left to death. The Vollermork also fire at the end my Pixie kill him in the next turn :slightly_smiling_face:

The board is average this time. Vollermork tank fire once and I charge my purple after that about 1 turn. The some purple cascade come and kill tank and Poppy. Then I slowly kill them with C Oberon. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can guess which heroes will he use in this tournament from his name :smile:

The board is bad this time. It is full with green and red. I carefully match tile under tank. C Gunnar tank fire twice. Then some purple come, I charge all my purple heroes but C Karil, Nodri and Chick Jr. are going to fire in the next turn. Gill-Ra is MVP in this time. She lower enemy attack and cleanse C Gunnar lower def. After all 3 enemy fire, All my heroes have hp about 30-90 left and I charge my Helo :joy: Then the board full with green and red. The battle end up with my Helo - Pixie - Gill-Ra vs enemy Chick Jr. and C Ulmer. And Pixie kill them with their own mana :slightly_smiling_face:

I intentionally not use dispeller (CB Tyrum) to test if C Oberon alone can kill enemy or not. The answer is yes. The board is average this time. With Pixie block Nodri and lower attack from Gill-Ra. The enemy can’t make any of my heroes get hp less than 50%. And C Oberon slowly kill them :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 0-0


Aww :frowning: I have had such high hopes for Vollermork :frowning: , especially since I’m never going to get Elizabeth or any of the big fiend heroes… have been trying to find a use for him!! wish I could see the battles!

Day 1: O: 4-1.

The match I lost was a a horrible board full of greens and reds, while I was running blues and yellows. Enemy tank cGunnar fired 3 times. Enemy wing Arman fired 3 times. I fired 0 times. Game over.

Other attacks were so-so. Boards were full of green so started taking both Helo and Frosty to stay alive. CGunnar and Nordri were damage dealers. Last spot swapped between Kvasir/ Ulmer/ Chick Lit.

Gunnar and his costume are basically their own best counters. Enemy Arman was suprisingly effective … or maybe it just felt that way because the boards were a trainwreck in that match.


DAY 1:

O=> W: 3 L: 2

I almost throw the phone against the wall. Really angry with the boards. I had big expectations and the were destroyed today.

Incredible that in a rush tournament, Kvasir needs more than ten turns to charge. Besides, all the enemies pointing to my c. Oberon and c. Renfeld, Frosty dodging my attacks once and again and a lot of red and green tiles. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is completely an omen of being out of the 1%. A single 0 is a big punishment. Two are a final sentence.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Yeah, today I really felt like the presence of green tiles in no nature tournament is by no chance a coincidence. :joy:

This was my first board - I thought to make a picture of it. It turned out, it was the best or the 2nd best I had. In all of them green was predominant colour. Come on. :joy:

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Matchmaking is screwed up. Current player at Top1 has 2760 points, which means an average of 552 points per battle. So why is it that my first opponent was worth only 524 points? What do I need to do to get the top opponents from the beginning???



Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 3-1 (A)


Played the first four battles with my mono blue defense team, went well. Only second battle against the nordri tank was a little bit close, nordri hit two times the same 3 targets killing Gunnar and one chicken, but the other 3 were enough to win this battle.

Last battle I changed team, used yellow - dark team, wasn’t a good idea, although I charged everything it wasn’t enough to kill them, with the blue team, if I get 7 blue stones everyone on the other side dies.

So tomorrow I will probably stay with the blue team, regardless which opponents I face.


Very true @Slobix!! It’s ridiculously normal to get boards full of the banned color in these tournaments. I’ve started dipping into 4-1 and 3-2 though my first preference is always mono. But Green was being specially dominant today! Two healers helped though. I’d fire one and save the other to see me through the lean patches. And Kvasir/ minions help too. Of course, one board I got no matches in two colors. Not much to do there, just sit there and get killed! :joy:


To add something into the discussion about healer or no healer in defence. My early results show that if defence is so aggressive, a healer might not be needed. I assume there’s too much pressure coming from the defence team, and too fast, that it’s hard to prevail.


O:4-1 D:n/a
Went with mono defense.

Tried mono in first attack against a Gunnar tank. Lost.

Despite firing the cGu-Nordri-Chick combo, I couldn’t break through the beast. Needed Tyrum.

I switched offense to lbHelo-cHawk-lbcGun-Nordri-Sudri.
Well, that worked for the next four matches. It seems cbTyrum and Sudri are must includes.


Is this your defense team? If yes I have no idea what you could do.
Mine looks similar although without the troops and I started where you finished with my points.

Yes, that’s my defense. One thing occurred to me meanwhile, I limit broke my heroes only after joining the tournament, so it might have happened that it ‘locked’ me in when I originally hit the join-button. Still bs if that’s the case but at least it would be understandable.

Could be.
In the end doesn’t really matter, if you continue your tournament like the first day you will reach top 1% without problem. The rest is maybe nice prestige, but nothing really worth concerning.
Good luck the next days and maybe you will get some more points…

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