⚔ [11th Oct, 2020] - 77th Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Ice/ Blue

Final rank and rewards:

Screenshot_20201017-111313291 (1)

Defense team used:

Defense team performance:

  • Wins: 9,
  • Losses: 4,
  • Grades: B, B, B, A, A

I need tome! :joy:
My Khiona is getting bored, waiting.

Used mostly mono-purple to attack (c-Rigard, Panther, Seshat, Kage, Clarissa), 22-3 record. Defense performed around C, was good enough for top 1%.
EHT, double ETT, 50 emblems is nice loot despite the chainmail.

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Day 4 & 5 & final


Went with 3/1/1 still…always MelendorC and Rigard on board. The 3-stack either beeing yellows or purples (when encountering holy tank) …most of the time yellows.
Lost 1 each day and Thursday even twice.

One team facing Baldur on wing…he fired in the end when only 2 heroes of each team were alive. His random damage was 500-600 damage each turn with a lot if buffs on him…completely insane. No chance for me.


Went better than expected. Satisfied.


Wow best in a long time. Hoped for 1 troop token…1 troop token gave me yellow crit troop…well have enough of them but nice anyway.



Top 1% was rather easy to achieve this week.

Can’t complain about the rewards!




Jumped from E to B in 1 day - pretty happy about that!


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78th raid tournament - is that going to be 3* bloody all colors? I think I lost my place on the rt list. Was this last one supposed to be #14

Final Results

Defense: 8W - 11L (A,B,C,D,C)

Offense: 20W - 4L

Used Clarissa - Mist - Drake+13 - Malosi - C.Rigard a lot for defenses that had red tank.

Rank: Top 1%


Defense this time was trash as usual for my 5* tournaments since I don’t have many options. I think this might only be the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve gotten top 1% for a 5* tournament. A bit disappointed I didn’t hit the 100 emblems but at least got an EHT. Wizard emblems got my C.Sartana to +14.


100 wizards emblems baby!!! the rest i dont really care.

Finally have some time to report out… alas no screenshots, and going by memory so not much detail.

Defense: Seshat +8 / Boldtusk normal +15 / Elena + 7 / Marjana +7 / Malosi +7.

Wasn’t expecting much but this defense earned me a final B grade overall! Probably having a Fighter / Fighter / Rogue core with two buffers helped… Malosi in wing over Inari for speed, probably played a part too.


  • 3-2 on Day 1 (used 3/2 stacks).
  • 5-0 Day 2,
  • 5-0 Day 3. I changed tactics Day 2 and Day 3 to play a bit more conservatively (2 healers instead of 1).
  • 3-2 Day 4. After losing the first two I decided to buy in, as it was Day 4 and my defense was doing decently. Changed tactics to run mono as I was fighting more heavily-emblemed foes (used my Yellow mono a lot for the speed - I have costume Joon, Malosi and Lady Wooly there plus Inari and Rana).
  • 4-1 Day 5, this was just terrible. Two of the losses were very close, each lost with only one enemy hero left standing. (one of them, i could have won in the next move, but Seshat got killed by slash before she could fire her special :frowning: ) The other two losses were just a case of me being outmatched by really well-built defenses.

Overall top 1%. loot worth writing about - 2 ETTs, 10 Valhalla coins and 50 Rogue emblems. Inari gets rewarded for her good work in my offensive team, by jumping to +7.


Late post,…
Top 5%, Defense Grade D


IMAGE 2020-10-19 05:12:44
50 Rogue, not bad… :muscle:

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