You know you've been playing Empires too much when


Lol I can totally see that … :rofl:


When, for your 31st wedding anniversary, your husband makes you a spreadsheet so you can record the ascension items you already have and the ones you need for your heroes… and you think that’s the most romantic thing ever :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I do this with a lot of the avatars I see on the forums…


You play E&P to much when you wake up and logging on wakes you up more then coffee.


You know you’ve been playing too much E&P when…

  • You have a short nickname for every hero (Leo, Viv, BT)

  • You have a silly nickname for every hero (Liono, Anime-girl, Boldy)

  • You have already calculated out what the costs would be to raise your SH to lvl 25

  • You stockpile battle-item ingredients past 100

  • You always know how many ascension items you have—in each color—without looking


Gormy, Groot, Alberich-■■■■-him. And when your predictive text recognizes them


“You know you’ve been playing too much E&P when…”

When you think you can kill 1* titan with 1* and 2* heroes because they are of equal health value … and end up making your point … clear.

Which random number generator?
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

You have a keeper on your hands! I think after 31 years, you probably know that… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And btw, so does he!


You wake at 4.30 and don’t even try to get back to sleep because there is housekeeping to do on your TWO accounts


…when you change your phone from AMOLED to LCD because of the game UI burned in your screen.

  • You lower the brightness of your screen so you can continue to farm in the office at work.
  • You get invited for a BBQ at one of your alliance members their home.
  • You can’t go to the BBQ yet, because their garden is being redecorated and you encourage them to continue with the garden instead of attacking the titan. #bbqisheaven


When you create a alt account on your new tablet and have to go through the training and you get annoyed with game’s tips and how stupid they are (missing an obvious red diamond while telling you to move a yellow tile to create the dragon bomb)

Oh and also when you get trap tools from the alt account very first mystic vision while your normal account’s been waiting for those for over 3 months


…when you read Bold Text as Boldtusk.


I hate it but it’s all true! Lol


when you go to bed and instead of sleeping your brain makes you see a board… and you’re angry because you need another red tile to make a diamond (seriously)


This. :smile_cat: :smile_cat:


Which hero to ascend comes up during monthly family budget meetings.


When you grind for five months and still cant ascend a 4* oops, its not that thread wait or or, when you close your eyes and you see tiles doing non stop combos


You’re visiting your family and wondering which family member would make the best tank



You search YouTube for more Richard commercials… :wink: