You know you've been playing Empires too much when


I’m hoping for some wild Wu Kong commercials! :monkey_face:


When you start saying green is blue and blue is red and yellow and purple, out loud while playing, and your husband doesn’t ask what you’re talking about.


…when you’re the coach of your sports-team and you are called in to account for your choices that are seen as racist, but you are proud to explain that you are actually trying to make effective use of color stacking.


Haha… :slight_smile:

My family’s best tanks are getting nerfed a little day by day! #goals


When you are in a bus station and would like to sort buses by colors.


You convince your best friend to let you borrow his AppleID so you can see what it’s like to play an account with ALL THE HEROES… then you get your girlfriend, her daughter, her daughter’s friend and parents to join…


You’ve watched over 100 hours of Anchor live-streaming on YouTube


I don’t mind the interesting bits or Zero spanking the top 100 with just 4*s but I’m not watching an hour of farming!

Actually Avicious was my fave.


Hahaha… yeah they are certainly long and can drone on.

I usually listen to them when I’m at the gym, running errands or straightening my apartment.

Every 20 minutes or so I get a little gem of new information that I can use.

I haven’t watched Avicious’s yet. Once I get caught up with Anchor’s I’ll watch them. Thanks for the tip!


Sometimes when waiting for my world’s energies refill, I zoom in the screen.
I mark one people and following him exploring the base.

They really exploring, even they walking through those wood bridge… Which I think it’s very dangerous, since the bridge doesn’t have something to grip on and if they falling from the bridge, the waterfall will drag 'em off.

I don’t know why those people choose the bridge since they have more safety option from the right direction.
Maybe it’s RNG…

Hmmm… I playing this game too much :joy:



You stare at the base and try to work out where all the water comes from…

We need some kind of hydrological survey?!

There’s a constant waterfall but the topography doesn’t seem conducive to a aquifer of that capacity?!

Ground water flow, snow melt, monsoon rains???

And the other mountains in the background are permanently under snow?!

So there shouldn’t be a river and they shouldn’t even need bridges!!!


…when you realise the town habitants whine as much as some players of our community that they keep the water flow going. :sob:


that’s the reason why a tree can grows on top of a rock :grin:


I believe, the town habitants can read our chat.
While we’re whining or complaining to our alliance’s mate, the villagers will know that we’re unhappy… It will make 'em sad.
Vice versa if we’re talking supportif on a chat, the villagers will walk on those bridge with confident.

They live in our base, they know everything because they can see everything in our base.
Sometimes they launch a party with the heroes on the roster.
Of course, only 4* and 5* invited.

They know how many gems we have, how many unlevelled heroes because we don’t have the mats…

They know when our base getting attacked while we’re offline. And they will send us a notification to our phone.
That’s the way they communicating with us…

The more we play this game, the more we confused wheter to trust those nasty villagers or not :joy::joy:


Lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s sooo funny!


Brilliant work.

Reminds me of a couple of threads about what heroes do in their spare time and the secret Life of a Pig Miller :grin:


When you plan on spending your gems on Event Summon in hopes of getting Merlin, but after the first pull you get Wu Kong, who’s been on your “I want it” list since forever. You freak out like a little child and start yelling so loud you scare your two cats and they run away. You want to tell everyone that you finally got Wu Kong but then you realize none of your friends or family is gonna care because “it’s just a stupid game”. So you just share the good news with your alliance buddies :smiley:


I got Wu too this week…

Fortunately my young daughter was excited with me because wife and colleagues don’t get it :joy:


Huzzah for you @suntanglory!


It happens to me on opposite side… when I have 35/40 on raid chest, enter the final raid, kill 4 heroes then I lose and have to wait one more hour! I go out screaming “Fu*k ■■■■ game” and almost throw my phone away :rofl::rofl:
Everyone keeps looking at me like “what’s this crazy doing”