You know you've been playing Empires too much when



Oooohhh snap… that sounds like the beginning of a scary movie… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


… you quiz yourself on hero elements and ascension items.


…there is 2 hours to go on a titan and you really should go to bed, but you have a flag available in an hour …

(I got the last hit and a Damascus blade for the trouble - good night )



When you realise Dawa’s hand looks like… a white blacksmith’s?


…when you enter PS and get players from 7D* alliances saying high back to you. :joy:

…when you roll in raids and get Zero or JimMe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

when you get tons of likes on your comments even if your not funny. :sunglasses:


When at breakfast you look in the cereal box to see if there is a hero of 1 *


When my husband also plays and he only needs one more gem to be able to get the hot offer and nothing will get him there. Then I wake up at 3 am, see there is a gem quest and he still has two hours before the hot offer expires. So, naturally I wake him up and he’s okay with that :smile:


Veinte caracteres


Your phone’s autocorrect has filled itself with E&P hero names, alliance member names and the word you use to congratulate them with their levels (for me it’s “gratzies”) to such an extent those names and your congratulations word pop up with every first letter you type.

It’s actually very convenient. But also a bit weird when those names/word start popping up in whatsapp and mail as well :joy:

  • You download apps and software solely to track your alliance’s war performance, and how often you get ascension items
  • You communicate with your alliance on at least three different mediums
  • You track your TC20 percentages (and curse or bless the game gods as your percentage changes)
  • You hang out in game chat hoping for a Petri sighting :grin:


… when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night, having created a present for you in their diaper. As you’re changing it, you’re thinking:

“Gee, this actually worked out really well because now I can finish that quest and get an extra hit on the Titan!”

You fall asleep 45 minutes later, happy?! to have your solid night of sleep interrupted.


I don’t have any kids, it if I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, you better believe I’m checking titan status or something before I go back to sleep…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


At least I’m not alone in this one… hahaha.
Disturbed or some FFDP works good when on a RAID binge.


You yell at your villagers for leaving sand everywhere without sweeping up during the Sand Empire Challenge.


If you write your own words to or hear e&p music…even if game is not on

  • You watch WWE and imagine signature finishing moves for each of your heroes
  • You start collecting avatars
  • …collecting avatar backgrounds
  • …avatar pins
  • You start mix-and-matching avatars and backgrounds to determine the most impressive look for you
  • You design heroes for the next Event



-When it’s cold and you’re outside and you share your pain with Grimm because both of you need a warm cape.

-When you refer to your town as Rathwood and you ask where Brienne, the druid, lives.

-When, during an exam, you ask your teacher whether timestops are allowed.

-When you’re playing chess on the beach and your king is named Yunan.


When you see people posting detailed calculations and math analysis of different aspects of the game and you sit there like


when you start referring all the Derric you get in the game as @Petri

Ok, ok, this is more like you know you’ve been spending time on the E&P forum too much when…

Petri Day Planning - 1st October - bring cake

When you start to watch your Netflix series and see the blue line showing you’re halfway through an episode and say “oh, the mana isn’t filled on that one”.