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our long lived alli is slowly fading away…after losing so many top members during the last year, our once-proud group is facing the same fate as many small town restaurants & neighborhood bars during the lockdown–dead&gone! we once were 29 strong&had members on 5 continents…now our group is reduced to 13 (with a couple members still struggling to get back in the game!). with our core of 10 daily active players, we take down 5star titans but still struggle with 6s after more than 2years of fighting. we can’t seem to find recruits from the chat rooms… with over 50k of alliances to choose from, and hardly any new players, the competition is rough. we are quiet and drama-free(aside from my random late night rant here&there); &only ask that players hit titans daily &use war flags if opted in. our members have lots of experience and would be happy to help anyone looking to advance their team & play long term. we also have discord (&i have line, whatsapp, &messenger if need be) with tons of game links, info, resources, &pet pics! so if u r looking for a chill spot to play without being bossed around, would like to be part of a fun-loving fam, &can handle the 5-10minutes a day to hunt titans–come be 《XrelenxtlessX》 with us today!

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Come check out west of the equator. We can use your help. Hitting 9-10 star titans, active in wars. Just hit the link below to have a chat. We have suffered the same problems as you. Let’s combine and grow together.

Our ad is just below yours for now

We have exactly 13 spots so would be a great fit. At least you can check out our discord channel’s.

Are you open to merges? Our alliance was also stuck in limbo after a sudden attack of attrition in November. I’m not saying merges work for everyone (I’ve heard some horror stories!), but when regular recruiting doesn’t work, perhaps something new might work?

Good luck to you!

Just check us out, its free

We are looking for a merger. But only have 9 spots. We currently take down 11* titans. Can take down 12 sometimes

Our ad is still right below you.

Still right below you

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