🏰 Xiamara – 5* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

Really excited to have picked her up today on a 10-pull, after a very dissapointing string of 11 pulls with coins purchased from the Webstore.

11 pulls in webstore = nothing new
Did my two free pulls and got a 3* and a 2*
did a 10-pull with gems I was stockpiling, and lo and behald

Even with the very easy Erlang manipulations that @Tidyup pointed out, I’m still delighted to have this hero (and Lysanor) - especially as I never had Quenell.

Also, thanks @Zakuha for demonstrating how it works with heroes on defence!

Judging by the wording, it sounds like when Xiamara is on Defence her damage only will work if your team gains direcft mana (i.e.: Hawthorn [from a buff] or from Xnol [from a special]).
When Xiamara is on Offence her damage will work with the above and will also trigger on mana gain whilst the defending heroes have any mana gen buff…

Overall? Very strong effect if you ask me :heart_eyes: