Wrong titan loot

I appreciate that you get togheter the topics, but this way it’s slipped in a 2 days old zone.

I like to bump it because it’s a serious bug that involve many players and ascension stuff, but no words on it yet.

I think Peanutz was answering Cxlixo. :wink:

Thanks for the reports, we’ll look into this here!

Yesterday I killed a 7* titan with alliance Düşler Sahnesi(Türkiye) . I finished it in 3rd but all of us receive Nothing. Besause our titan tier is decreased (mine is tier4 in 3rd position) we need our loot please

It’s a bug already mentioned here:

Just went out mercing and got tier 3 loot with a B on a 6 star, 2nd time this happened,

Pretty sure this ain’t right

It’s already postet here - semms like it’s a bug:

Still not working. Fifth ticket for me.

@petri if it helps your teams, it appears that this is an android issue, not iOS.

No, had the issue on IOS

Same here. The issue does not depend on a platform. It happened to the whole alliance iOS and Android devices(

Another - from one of the members of my alliance

Witch, that one actually looks right. Not a bug. that is what happens when you get a D grade.

Lol, i’m at six now, not even report anymore.

Really hope they fix it soon and compensate somehow.

I checked about the titan loot - it said D should be titan stars divided by 2, which would have been 3 in this case. Is the information in Revelate’s compendium not correct?

No information if it is fixed or not?
Last 4 loots 2 were right and two were wrong.

The ticket-mail reply is always the pre-record “we are investigating”, but i still missing 8 titan loots and would be glad to having at least a compensation for that.

And i guess many like me.

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We kill a 8* Titan and my loot was for a 6* titan.

Looks like it is still being investigated.

Looks like i waste my time and don’t even get a small answer for a big problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Useless to get even mad, probably i just choose the wrong game.

I just had a similuar issue, i should of had loot grade B and received a C. Bueller…Bueller…Bueller. Is this even been looked at yet? 33 million in profit the first year tells me you better have the resource to get this fixed like yesterday. Now run along and do your job like i paid you to please. :unamused:

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