Wrong titan loot

This is a first time, but can you look at it?
Got a loot tier 3 instead of 7.

Same problem as me

Oh, i see. Missing that thread, sorry.
They provide to give you the right loot in the end?

Same happened in the alliance Ghost Bikers today

The same bug with our T. I think it happens everywhere. 9* T, my lootlevel was 5.

And here we go again.
Same problem, second in a row.

Titan loot is one of the few chance of getting ascension items, so this is starting to get quite annoying.
They never mentioned to change something, so why is this happening?

This is probably a proper bug. Looks like its counted as an escaped titan.

I was out mercing for 5* and got wrong tier loot. C grade on 5* titan should give me loot tier 5 instead of loot tier 2. And not even a single gem!!

Ok, i flag @Petri because it’s getting out of hand.

Same happened to me. 7* purple got me tier III loot




Aaand this is normal …of course ;).?

I don’t understand your post.
You get the right loot tier, why you post it?

Same as helpis

Out mercing as well today and caught the bug :frowning:

Le 25/02/18 notre titan 7 étoile est mort à 0h48 heure de Paris j’ ai obtenu un butin de niveau 4 en catégorie de dégâts A.

Same here, while mercing got a D on 7* and Tier II loot.

And thats 3.
At least a “we are looking into this” would be nice.

Yay, fourth.

Are you guys ONLY seeing this issue while doing Merc runs? Unless I missed something, that seems to be the case.

Are you suggesting thats all intended to nerf mercs without notice?