Wonder Women Warriors merger

Hi everyone! Wonder Women Warriors is a 5 year old alliance, but we’re starting to have the same struggles you see all over. Long time players announce they are taking a short break from the game due to life, but never return. So while we were 30-strong at our peak, we’re down to 6 daily active players including myself.

At this point, we acknowledge it is probably easier to merge than recruit, although if you’re interested in joining we have plenty of spots!

We’re a friendly, inclusive bunch. Our rules are simple:

  • hit the titan every day
  • use all war flags or opt out (war is optional)
  • tell us if you’re taking time off

That’s it. We’re all mature, so there’s zero drama here and we want to stay that way. Would love to take on tougher titans like we used to and knock out Clash of Knights. If you’re interested, let us know!

Sir Robin

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You’re about the right size to merge with us, if you’re interested. We don’t require titan hits - about half of us are contributing to killing them right now and we’re mainly facing 8*. Your group would likely bump us up at least to 9*. We have 5 spaces open, and a couple of players who have been inactive for long enough that I could talk to the group about the possibility of kicking one out to make a 6th space available.

We have room for 5 right now but might be able to make room for 6. We are part of the TFG family so some players might like my alliance I run or we have others that might be better suited. I run misfits [tfg] we are hitting 11* titans and require 3 flags at a minimum. If you join us we might be able to get back up to 12&13 titans. War is optional but we use strategies and encourage team work and communication. All level players are welcome. You can message me here or on line app my user name is the same as here and on game.

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Hey WWW, you sound very much like us. Same exact rules. Would welcome you over. Check us out. Technicolor Minds.

Hi there. Im from A World Of Pain and we’re open to any and all players. We have the same requirements as you all. We have 8 spots open. If you are interested in a merge, please let me know. We’re currently defeating 11* and 12* titans

Thank you all! We are discussing it now. Honestly, I’d feel bad if anyone was booted to make room for us, so that’s a factor.

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Hi Sir Robin,

Check out Re-Amplified. We’re very similar to you in that we were once 30 strong but are down to 15 due to attrition. We are currently hitting 7 star titans but would easily go to 8 with all of you, maybe 9. Not everyone participates in war, but if you do we ask you to use all flags. We haven’t managed to unlock legendary the last couple Clash of Knights, but if we go a few more players who participated, I think we’d be there again.

Hope you will consider us!


@flxrod4 do you have a way to communicate directly to coordinate? I’m on Line as sirrobin7.

Hi Robin! If you are still looking we are a strong core group with 4+ years together a lot of us but like you we could use a resurgent of active players to breath new life into the alliance and bring us back to where we once were. We have discord if you are interested in chatting some :)…

Yep, we got room for 5 to get us back to full strength, very active chatty group with a lot of long time members.

East of the equator family of 5 alliances has room for you. Hitting 14 star titans. Use all flags in war .
Relaxed yet seni aggressive play. We are here to have fun after all.
We akso have an extensive library of game information that we share wuth others weather yuo decide to join us or not. Yours to keep and use.
Equator Alliances
Just hit that link and it brings you to our wel ome channel where we can chat.
No obligations just chat to see if we are right for you.

@Katieeyy could you share your alliance name?

Na Fianna Nua (Means new warriors)

@sirrobin we can easily accomodate 6 active players in your alliance hoping you consider us for a possible merger

Crew-Barons has 6 places, fighting 12* (but would naturally jump to 13* with more members). Feel free to check us out or contact me on Line (mpolo67).

Marvs and Johnny are with me :blush: both Co leaders for 2+ years. If you are still considering and have any questions please feel free to contact me or either of them either on here or in game or discord!

Hi PG64,

What are the odds, Drunken Warriors currently also has 15 spots open! We’re looking for regular players to join our ranks. We’re a casual international bunch, most of us have been playing together for years and we’re hoping to grow so we can hit stronger Titans once again and play alliance quests properly. We’re not overly chatty, yet happy to help with any questions you may have.

It’s ok if you miss a titan or go on holidays, yet communication is key.
6-8 star titans atm
400 trophy thingies required, but that can be discussed. Enthusiasm is worth more than trophies.
Participation in war is optional, but if you participate then use all flags.

My Line-ID = Rakkhar

@sirrobin we could fit 6.

Hi Sir Robin, still offering our alliance (Na Fianna Nua) for a possible alliance merger. As stated before we can accommodate six of your members to our team.