Verdant Vipers (finished for now-full up)

We’ve lost a few players lately and would like to build our numbers back up. Seeking players above at least level 30 or so. (Don’t worry about trophy count, we have the requirement set high to cut down on random join requests but I’ve got no problem changing it to let someone in.)

Titans: Not considered mandatory. Most of us hit them most of the time, but nobody’s counting your flags or tracking your damage. We’re currently facing 7-8* titans. We were taking down 9s and the occasional 10 when we had more players.

War: Make an effort to use all 6 flags, or opt out if you know you won’t be available. Speak up in chat if something comes up and you won’t be booted for the occasional miss. Real life comes first.

We’ve got a good friendly group, come check us out!

Keep getting nothing but extra Carvers with your costume keys? You’ll be in good company here.

Got a someone you want to stick with? We have several players who’ve joined with a friend or family member.

Still seeking some new players to join the team.

Unfortunately had to boot one for inactivity yesterday, so now we’ve got 9 spots open. Would love to have some more active members join us.

Hello Verdant Vipers,

sivispacemveritas in game<<

We have a real-life group of 6 accounts that would like to all join one alliance together.
We are all currently in the alliance “Deatheatersforlife” but that alliance is dying.
We are all very active, new players. All have between 600-1100 trophies.
We attack the Titans multiple times per day and use most of our flags in war.
We are all on USA CST + EST time.

This is an all-or-nothing join; would you have room for us?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Mark, I’ll ask my alliance members and see what they think. I’ll get back to you soon.

Hi Mark,
Yes, Verdant Vipers would be happy to accept your group. Mention zesty sent you in your invite requests so we know we’ve got the right people.

Zesty, sorry but another alliance accepted us first.
Best of luck to you and thank you!


Still seeking some new players! We’d love to get back up to those 9* titans.

Gained a player the other day, still got room for 8 more.

Looking for a new alliance? Come check us out!

Still looking for more players, just like everyone else.

Gosh, I just glanced back over this thread and it sounds quite dry and boring. I have a personality, I promise. I just always get around to making a post after a full day of work when my brain has shut down for the night.

Come join us! Meet my people! At present, they are chattier and more amusing than I.

Whoops, costumes are already back. Did you get your new copy of carver? Most of us did.


Still have room for 6?

Also, can you PM on these forums?

Yes we do still have the room, and if there’s a way to PM I have yet to locate it.

Edit: It has belatedly occurred to me I could have stuck a ping in here. @sivispacemveritas

If you guys are still seeking an alliance, you’re still welcome to come join us.

Still seeking some new players. If you’re looking for a new team, come check us out!

Lost a couple of players to real life. 10 spots now open for some new members.

Hi. Presently in an alliance with about 10 players. We are looking to merge to create more fun for all. Most all members in the 40-50+ level. Harder titans and wars are what we are looking for. If this interests you, message me or post here. Thanks. Black Tom.

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