⭐️Wolves of the North⭐️ is recruiting! Come and Join the Pack!

If you are an active player and enjoy playing at a super competitive level then look no further! We value our members and help them grow to their max potentials!

Communication and teamwork are the keys to our ongoing success!

Our goal is to maintain our spot in the top 10 Alliances as well as a more relaxed top 100 for Mythic Titan and Alliance Quests!!

If interested contact maddog4432 or kplay18 on Line🙂


We are currently full, waitlist open though. We are top 100 for clash of knights and every mythic, wars currently in top 10 to 40 range, mercing allowed.

How is my old alliance doing now?
I was there when the wolf pack was created and BlackMambah was leader.

Exodus…old username of Lucien Shadowbane

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It is going pretty well. I’m relatively new blood there but there are several long term wolves.

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