Holy Wolves is recruiting

Holy Wolves is recruiting new members. We have 4 spaces available for active players. We are a good natured and drama free alliance.

We have a great mix of both experienced, knowledgeable and new members. And we are open to players of all levels.

We use CHAT for comms and casual fun talk. LINE and Facebook are available but optional. We are looking for both new and experienced members. Heavy hitters would be nice, but we can help new players grow. Help and advice is freely given. There is no such thing as a daft question.

We are currently taking down 7* - 8* Titans and we do pretty well in wars.

We want people to have fun, chill out while playing the game, have a good team spirit and respect others.

Players of all ages and countries welcome. We are English speaking.

We do require you to hit the Titan and if you opt into war then to use your flags.

But most importantly let’s have fun and help the whole team grow and progress.

Cup requirement is currently 1400 - but if that is an issue just tell us more about yourself.

Come check us out - look up Holy Wolves in your alliance search and join today.

Note: it would also be possible for an existing (small in numbers) alliance to join us.


They really are a friendly and encouraging alliance.


Holy Wolves have five places remaining in our alliance. We are currently recruiting for players. Come and check us out - you have nothing to lose.

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@Guvnor can this be closed please

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