Wolves of the North Top 50. Wolves of Winterfell Top 100

Come join the Pack! Top 50 at WoTN Top 100 at WoW. Fun active alliances with great players and leaders. Very active hero and game chats. Need game and hero help moving up to up to top 100 or top 50? We can help get you there!


The Wolf pack now contains 100% more Cheds!

Which as always I caveat to either being a good or bad thing depending on your preferences :joy:

What I am saying though is since I got in WoTN a week ago we are 2 war wins from 2. Is that a coincidence?

It absolutely is :laughing:


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Always looking for more Wolves to join the pack!

Come and check out the family, we have alliances for pretty much every level

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If you already know Tech Loky , don’t forget the latest mods are always updated regularly