Wilbur 4/70 or mitsuko 3/70 on defense

Hello all, here is my current defense team,

I have Wilbur almost maxed and i find mitsuko as just kind of meh right now as a tank at 3/70. Would it be worth placing Wilbur at tank instead? If not would a defense with Kiril at tank and Wilbur in the flank be better? Once I get the rings I think I’m gonna go back to mitsuko, but until then what do you think?

Thanks for the insight.

Wilbur isn’t an especially great defensive hero. A cleanser(or defensive buffer) and dispeller nullify him pretty easily.

Where he shines is on Titan hits!!!

I do not know Mitsuko very well, but out of the others, Kiril is the best tank hands down.

Wu Kong is an awesome hero, but he does not shine on defense, Chao or Li Xiu are better options. Li is actually a decent tank.

Wilbur is great offensively and on titans, but i wouldn’t put him on a defense team. Do you have any other red heroes maxed currently? Otherwise i’d just stick with Mitsuko as tank, she’s not too bad even at 3/70. Your current defense screenshot doesn’t look too bad!

I am quite happy using Wilbur on my defense. I have Kiril - Wilbur - Kashhrek - Magni - Zeline. Ever since I added Wilbur (used Tiburtus in the past), I win quite good portion of def raids, allowing me to stay in 2300-2400 trophies, enough to reach the diamond tier chest 80% of the time. Very often people with 4k teams lose to me.

I am quite surprised you are using Jackal on defense though - he’s glass cannon best working in offensive stacks. In my opinion he may be bottlenecking your def. I’d probably think of swapping him for something rather than Mitsuke. Wilbur on Mits’s flank may be neat given she is anti-ice stack hero.

I had the choice of Santa or Mitsuko for my only 6 rings. All I have to say is Mitsuko is by far one of the better 5* heros I have. I use her often, and she is my main tank for defense. She holds me in Diamond with this set up. Magni (4-60), Zeline (3-70), Mitsuko (max), Khiona (4-60), Joon (4-60). Go with Mitsuko!! Such a beast on defense and a beast on offense.

Here is the rest of my roster. The alternative is wukong haha. I always prioritized titan hits raid offense. Now I feel like my defense is a little behind. I’m currently leveling Wilbur and I have the mats to do magni all the way to 5/80.

Any suggestions?

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As I said, I’d keep Jackal away from defense, same as Wu Kong. They can’t hold the ground and the specials can’t be used effectively by AI.

Note you don’t need rainbow teams on def. I’d suggest to play around with the options available if you are not sure, and see how it works. My bets from your roster would be Wilbur once he’s maxed or Magni at 3-60, to swap with Jackal. Leave the rest as is.

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