Why is reward for completing season 3 all stages such complete trash

3 pulls and a couple of troop tokens - whatvkind of horse manure is that compared to completing season 2! In season 2 you got a complete set of 4 star ascension items if undid both easy and hard levels - in season 3 u get 3 pulls where you will get three more lame 3 stars u have already pulled 200 times already - a complete rip off

You realize there are 29 other provinces that no one has access to that you will get the opportunity to complete in the near future right? “The story continues in 6 days and 14 hours”


The full rewards for season two weren’t listed in the missions. I’m sure you will get much more than is listed


Read the mission list for completing FULL season 3 daveo - then get back with me

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The season 2 mission doesn’t disclose completion rewards either so I would wait a year before revisiting this thread.

If you don’t believe me, check out the screenshot below (as I haven’t finished Season 2 and have both missions in my game).


Completing the S2 hard mission reward is 500 Atlantis coins, two troop tokens, and an avatar.

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The S3 mission loot got nerfed! No avatar! Where’s my pitchfork?


S2 gave ascension mats as a reward for completing along with tokens and other stuff (no no remember).

Hopefully it’ll change for S3, still got a long way to go.

No torches or pitchforks here, just toilet paper…


It’s funny how people make up topics out of nothing just to complain. You didn’t complete S3 yet but you know what are the full rewards? Really?

Well just for reference check back S2 final rewards, what was initially shown on the mission and what was actually given as loot and maybe you get back here :wink:

Btw if you search further on forum, you will see what are the actual rewards for completing S3 final stage :wink:


Yes I agree… and specially Avatar reward should be there, to make a sign of members alliance that they finished S3 map.

A friend from Beta told me sif avatar will be added…


For Season 2, between Normal and Hardmode, completion gave 1 of EACH TYPE of ascension material.

Darts, Tabard, Tonic, Rings, Scope, d.blade, tome
Orb, Tools, Shield, H.Blade, Cape, compass, gloves

I anticipate season 3 doing the same.


You get separate rewards for beating Ursena (thus finishing the season) in addition to the mission rewards. You are probably confusing the two.


Its funny why e and p wouldnt post the real rewards - what is the incentive then

It was supposed to be a surprise. A reward for finishing. It is separate from the mission.

Here is where you say “my bad, I jumped the gun and my anger was misplaced”.


I do have to wonder how valuable troop tokens are to a typical person who has gotten through season three. They could’ve switched things up a bit.

And the tar cauldron! For a more dramatic effect :wink:

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Probably hasn’t complete SII either, otherwise he’d know about the significant rewards waiting there…


I probably did, thank you

*Pitchfork out


You don’t know what the reward for completing is. You only see the reward for mission.

As others stated, the same was for Season 2 and it turned out you were basically getting every 4* ascension mat in the game. It’s hard to imagine they would deliver below that for Season 3, so quite safe assumption it will be at least that.

So calm your nerves pls and enjoy the game. Much worse than the rewards is the fact that we will have to wait until the end of year probably to see them!


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