Why is brienne power not stacking anymore with banners?

I use brienne in titane battles with banners because they stak. No i see that it s eithet one of the two powers that only works. No stacking anymore?

Yeah they changed that in update 1.6

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No abilities that modify a stat, stack with other abilities or with banners. A new bonus or penalty replaces the old one.

Brienne and Athena have a slightly different mechanics than other + attack or - defense abilities. The modifier increases for every hit. That is why the game considered them other kind of abilities so they didn’t replace or get replaced by other abilites. They changed this in last patch, to prevent huge stacking combos.

So, if I have multiple heroes that special attack with a defense drop bonus, only one heroes special remains active? For instance, Athena and Tiburtus both hit and lower defense. Special charges up for both and I use both against Titan. Does the defense drop happen for both or just one? If just one, do we know which remains?

The most recent used takes effect. Athena doesn’t stack with pulverizer anymore. They remove the former and the new one takes over.

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Clipped from Coppersky’s Compendium

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