Why are so many seasoned players level 50+ stopping to play quit and uninstall?

Yes, leave old and experienced players who knows how game looked like at the beginning and what piece of cr*p they become right now and come new players who just have to get experience and see it…

If they expect us to mostly became P2W players it’s maybe right time to part ways because they will not see more money of me.


One reason is that events are very hard like the previews one with the OP heroes. Other reason is the very poor loot from everywhere. I have months to earn an epic asc material from war chess. Other reason is that this game doesnt provide a guarantee 5* its just gumbling and offers to buy things. And many other reasons that we all know.

Which game? I am one week into Antia now :slight_smile:


@kooz Ssshhhh, the first rule of Game Club is, you don’t talk about Game Club :smile:


At this point i will be happy only when see the game duyng !

See its this attitude that I completely don’t get. I can understand not enjoying the game anymore and deciding to stop playing. But why people Want to see the game die completely baffles me.

Lots of people obviously still do get enjoyment from it. Why would you want them to lose something they enjoy?


This is not a game , this is money making only!

Well we’re all free to play or leave

I just can’t see the point of making generalised comments like ‘the game should die’

If one doesn’t enjoy, they are free to leave

If you don’t wanna be here, you should not be here (you are a free soul like all of us).

And if I wanna be here, it’s my choice and I don’t need anyone telling me what I should or should not do

And I do not need to justify my reasons or try to explain them to anyone else

Good luck with your choices


Of course it’s a game, and lots of people play with out spending any money. Others play spending an amount they can afford.

Of course the makers want to make money. There is no secret to that. There is no business anywhere in the world that doesn’t want to make money.

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Are you serious , i agreed they should make money , but this is crazy money they want . And for my 500 dollars i have only outdated trash!

Ah OK. Gotcha. Businesses should only be able to make a certain amount of money and no more. Right.

They don’t respect us as players , so many of us will leave , and the other of you will play alone , a lonely game!

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I respect your point of view

You don’t wanna play; that’s fine

But you can’t expect everyone to share similar views!

We are all individuals and we all have our own views and ways of doing things.As long as there’s mutual respect and understanding (and as long as we stick to some ground rules), I would like to do what I choose to do and I’d like you do to what you choose to do.

I can’t tell you how and what you should be doing with your life or with your roster or your game style etc and I’m expecting that you (not personally you, but ‘you’ as in general) will not be telling me what I should or should not do with my life / time / money.


I think… you’re the lonely one :pleading_face:

Sorry but i am not telling you what to do , this is threat where people telling why they wanna quit , i don’t no what you want from me


Never mind @Komara81

Hope you enjoy your time here.


The biggest problem as I see it is… They want money, so they keep doing the vicious cycle of releasing stronger and stronger heroes in order to make people pay. And if you are f2p, bad luck - the gap is bigger and bigger, as tc20 only gives s1, and ha10 takes ages, and most of the time it’s s1 as well.

Watching last 5* rush tournament where people used 3* Treevil just to show how op it is is laughable. And I met multiple people with costumed MoNo, costumed Krampus and costumed santa. That just make you want to quit. Because they are so strong your s1 5* feel like s1 5* against 4*…


Just my opinion, Season 3 onwards has changed so much of the dynamic between spending big versus spending and FTP. We see more powerful specials backed with higher base stats, and niche “must-have” heroes that swing the balance to success versus failure. If you’re not spending big, the gap widens even if you are actively playing and improving your roster.

I can’t speak for everyone, we may have different motivations. I play this game to enjoy advancement in a game with no end. It feels like with every new release, instead of moving forward, I’m losing ground.

For me personally, the game has evolved through stages:
“If I can just level up these heroes”
to “if i can just level up these troops”
to “if I can just emblem these heroes”
to “if i can just limit break these heroes”
to “my heroes are too weak, lack utility”

The light at the end of the tunnel has been shrinking, I can’t see it anymore.


Now more of"why i wanna quit". 5 min ago played against Dark lord who did 1590 dmg and one shot my hero without any buff , who was "balanced"3 times . I payed good money and managed to get 3 of 2021 hotm that gave small amount of mana , because i liked them , and after that they nerfed them. And i am ANGRY now!

But maybe i could use new money now and buy other heroes that worth something???

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