Why are so many seasoned players level 50+ stopping to play quit and uninstall?

Some say it’s become more frustrating than fun
Others say it’s become a chore
And the usual complaining about teluria
Then there’s the people who say the amount of money needed to be spent to be competitive is ridiculous ?
And many many more !!
It’s sad my alliance is down to 12 members due to this after playing together for years !!! :disappointed:


I’m not quitting, but i’m giving a time. After 18 months I dont have that great or interesting deck of heroes. I dont feel I’m being rewarded for the money or time I spent. I’m Level 63
Soo, I found a similar game with Zombie theme wich give players much better rewards for their presence. And I’m enjoying a lot.


Let’s not forget about RL too…

We’ve had players in our alliance get married, have kids, start new jobs… all requiring a shift in the amount of time spent in the game.

I think it’s just a natural cycle. It’s just unfortunate (and perhaps selfish) when some of the people you’re closest to leave before you’re ready to. But c’est la vie.


I think the biggest reason, is that the personality type to play this game at a high level, is one where you are almost constantly min/maxing. I think a big part of the disappearance of certain people is the lack of ability to play a more relaxed, but still competitive style, whether their own personality type or the belief that they are hurting their alliance, its either all or nothing to many of them.

For example, last year at this time, I was filling a minimum of 4 chests a day and setting timers for titan flags. At this point, I rarely fill over 2 chests a day, and if I am free I hit the titan. I don’t believe this is possible for most long term, high level, highly competitive players.



But… I do think there’s a point (at least for me) where you can level off a little… buildings are done (or you’re on a 7-day wait time)… you’ve got a solid roster of maxed heroes so there’s less of a need to farm for recruits or whatever… even the titan is less demanding because you’ve got 29 teammates that are all contributing.

I’ve found a good balance I think. I’m happy.


You are special, as am I. I feel like SADERS is developed enough to be able to be competitive, and able to maintain enough flexibility with daily activity to allow you to not burn out.

My hesistation to join the forum was adding an extra layer to my game play. Because many more burnouts, I believe, have resulted from this place than from the game. @Garanwyn and @Rigs come to mind.



I’m not quitting, but I’ve definitely gone more casual and stopped spending.

My original alliance leader quit playing about a year and a half ago, because he said the game had become a chore, and he had other RL stuff he needed to focus on. So that’s not really a new complaint. I was sad to see him go, though. He was a stand up guy, very helpful, very honest. He’d straight up tell you that your defense team sucks. But instead of just criticizing, he would then ask about the rest of your roster, and make suggestions to improve it. I was sad to see him go, but it was his time.

Telluria? Meh. I found her overpowered personally, but I don’t exactly have an awesome team anyway, so it’s not the first time that I’ve had to deal with heroes that totally destroy me. I can’t really speculate on whether or not the nerf made a significant difference or not; it obviously made many of the Telly owners mad. And I don’t blame them for being upset, but there were also a lot of other people who were upset about seeing her on every high level defense team… I never had a dog in that fight personally, but it is one that caused a major rift in the game across the board.

Amount of money spent to be competitive is ridiculous? Yes. IMO, it absolutely is ridiculous. But that’s nothing new. I’m over it. Just decided that I can’t afford to be competitive, and that’s fine. When I first started playing this game, I had no intentions of ever being a “top player” anyway. Wasn’t even particularly interested in the PvP aspects. I just wanted to collect and level up interesting heroes. I did actually find Alliance Wars to be fun, because I saw them as being more strategic than your typical day to day raid, though wars can also be emotionally draining (and time consuming for people who just want to play the game casually on their own terms, rather than having to log on at certain times to do certain things).

Then you have the other aspects. Some people used to like spending money on the game, but are no longer able to. I mean, I don’t know what the economy has been like for everyone here, but I think there are probably a lot of people out there who don’t have the same levels of expendable income as they did before. So they are forced to dial back their game spending.

Then you have the people who have just been playing for so long, that they’re just becoming bored. Even the most fun pastimes get boring after doing them too much. I mean, can anyone here honestly tell me that they can be entertained for 12+ hours a day just matching colored tiles? The novelty wears off. I don’t care if you give the monsters higher HP, or add new provinces with different background scenery, etc., it’s still mostly the same thing over and over again.

That’s why it’s so much easier to not get bored when you play more casually / passively. Just click autoplay on the grindy stuff, that way you don’t get completely burnt out with the whole “matching tiles” thing… and don’t worry so much about the damn boards, either. Some days the boards just suck, some days they don’t. Nothing you can do about it. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure I probably missed several other reasons why people quit… oh, alliance drama can certainly drive people away from a particular alliance. Seen that plenty of times firsthand. Sometimes it can drive people away from the game completely. Big part of what keeps many people playing this game is for the social aspect. When that turns sour, the game itself begins to lose appeal. I don’t think anyone wants to be part of a hostile community.

I’ll add more if any other reasons come to mind.


It is completely natural. Just as in real life, we don’t live forever, eventually we will die.


That’s what I’ve been discussing and working on here: 🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual?

So far the changes I’m making are helping reduce my burnout a bit, but I also feel myself drifting from the game along with that.

So I don’t know yet whether the end state will be better balance with the game, or just being ready to let it go.

But I think either way, it’s a useful process to go through.


Well I’m presently struggling to fit work into my busy E&P and CoD schedule. But despite protesting to my boss they seem to need me to do stuff.

Plus I have a wife around somewhere too…


To put it bluntly, lack of interest and lack of new material (that isn’t a shiny new summon portal)


Your wife doesn’t play? I got my girlfriend into it a couple months after I downloaded it. She plays more actively than I do. :grin:


Interesting, I’ll have to read that. I’ve definitely gone into a more casual role. I still get my titan hits and war hits in. Farm enough to fill one monster chest a day. Don’t always get a heroes chest in. I guess play enough to maintain my top 100 alliance spot? Which after you’ve gotten enough heroes maxed for at least 5 one shot attempts in war plus a clean up…
Yet, here i am on the forums…


:joy: My good lady is a mad crafter. When she’s not working she’s making something out of felt or crochet or sawing something. We all have our vices I guess!

It’s how we’ve managed nearly 17 happy years tbh. Meet for dinner at 6pm and then do our own thing til bed time :laughing:

So I could try but in the end all it would become is an Alt account. And I barely have the time for the main one!


Like many, think we expected things to change and they havent. I’m C2P but last few months I’ve not spent any money. Anymore: I dont try to rank in tourney, I dont expect to have a decent war score contribution, i dont expect to pull any new 5* heroes (especially if red) and I dont expect to advance or hold my raid rank. All these items are the issue for the majority of players across the game. Many of us have given great suggestions that would bring life back into the game. Right now even with introduction of new features the game is very stale. The best aspect of the game? Playing with players who you have forged a bond and friendship with. If my alliance members start to leave, I too will pack it up. I’ve invested alot of time and some money so it would suck to just quit.

I’ve posted this before, but think the state the 1st thing that needs be done is introduce a new war rank system and create matchmaking based on that. Would bring new life to the players.


Hey, that works too. :grin:

I’ve been with my SO for going on 8 years now, very happy years, we almost never fight over anything.

When she’s not cooking or cleaning (her own choice! I’m not one of those chauvinistic types that makes her wait on me, she just likes to cook and clean for some odd reason)… she’s usually either playing the game or watching TV, usually both at the same time.

Both her and I actually have alts, she does practically everything on her accounts (raids, quests, chests). I just do what I feel like doing. I’m definitely the lazy one in the relationship, even when it comes to gaming. :grin:


Crew-Raiders has room for 12

Just sayin lol


Outside of that shameless plug lol i think this subject is being discussed plenty elsewhere that i feel i have nothing to add

I have to admit that lately i too have difficult farming/raiding/do events as before.
I never used auto tickets before, but now i would gladly use them on daily activities but the shortage doesn’t help.

So the result is that i waste a lot more flags then before and frankly… i do not care much.

I’m still here because i’m very stubborn and don’t have much other interests.

And zombies are not my thing :grin:


What’s the zombie game, if you don’t mind me asking.

I personally think there are a variety of reasons some of which include:
Natural churn after burn out in a game. Everything normally has a lifespan.
Real life stuff as people’s situations change.
The fact that the game has changed so much with the introduction of S1 and S2. People now have to spend if they want to keep up with the Jones’s.
For some the game has become a chore with the constant grind for what can be perceived to be very little benefit.
The lack of balance in the game. Even after Telluria and Vela. There is very little point to building slow heroes from S1 such as Khagan and Horghall and Elena, up against new stronger heroes success is limited.
Again with balance the introduction of emblems doesn’t really help. Especially when SG started selling them in the shop.
The fact that SG doesn’t really listen to the player base and make a mess of things when they introduce new stuff like alchemy lab and probably now the hero academy.
Probably lots more, but those just spring to mind


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