Which holy to LB (poll)

Hello! I already have Prof. Lidenbrock on LB. These are my candidates for 5* ethers. I use Gazele on titans in all teams. My standard holy offense is this - Poseidon, cLeonidas, Prof.L., Hanitra and Bai Yeong. Joon, Vivica and Malosi are on the bench for some time now. Who would you LB? Thanks!

  • Guardian Gazelle
  • Poseidon
  • Leonidas costumed
  • Hanitra
  • Bai Yeong
  • Joon
  • Malosi
  • Vivica

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Gazelle, she’s just the best hero I can think about alongside Lord Loki, making her survive more will be awesome. C. Leo will make the same amount of elemental defense down being broken or not, so no need.

Will make more individual commentaries to further help:

Leo is good enough his costume perks. :x:
Bai isn’t really worthy in a roster that deep. :x:
Hanitra would be a solid choice, but can’t compete with Gazelle :x:
Vivica… You’ve broke a holy healer already :x:
Joon is just trash. Specially without costume. Some people will come at me saying he’s a good sniper but I don’t care. I dislike glass heroes. His damage isn’t even good anymore nowadays with his ridiculous low stats. :x:
Malosi & Poseidon are fine like that. They makes an amazing support role but also can’t compete with Gazelle :x:

Whoever is your choice, good luck. :grin:


I’d suggest C-Leo, as he’s on your Holy offense team. Gazelle can do without LB even against stronger titans.

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Its an animal


+1 vote for C.Leo. Actually Gazelle is also a good candidate? But not the other option.

Personally I like C.Leo better because there are a lot of strong purple heroes you want to kill as soon as possible, before they can cast their special. I’m talking about Xnol, Ludwig, asgrafena, etc. Gazelle can protect you from attack, but C.Leo can prevent the attack by killing first

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I guess the picture speaks enough re my opinion :))


Gazelle is a monster in attack in both mono and 3/2 attack teams

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The longer she lasts and keeps firing, the more protected the others are - you could say similar for Hanitra up to a point, but gazelle IMHO is more impactful.


Thanks everyone for voting and for your time leaving comments. Quite surprised with results, Leonidas especially. I love him, he’s doing great job, but I didn’t expect him to be a tie with Gazelle. Now I got some more thinking to do or let coin decide :grinning:

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The top two Gazelle wont get old neither will ©leo in your roster i picked leo as he will hit harder with gazelle as guess yall be using both together …
But if you use gazelle alot more in other parts of the game that be a better option .