Red, Red or Red?

When I run into an ascending question, I always bring it to you guys and you haven’t steered me wrong. I’m trying to decide on the next red 5 star to ascend. I’m torn between C Santa, Lewena, and Kravekrush. I’m leaning to Lewena, but thats only just slightly. I apreciate any insight you all can give me. Thanks in advance.

try kravekrush, you dont have a strong sniper, atleast he deals decent amount of damage…

If you find Mother Norths and Albys annoying, go with Krave. Congratz btw.

Lewena is pretty cool. I run her with Mitsuko, coz there’s alotta blue Rangers, that she disarms. But she is great against fighters reviving, too.

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Lewena is cool because shes like killhare without the downside. Getting her and Krave was some luck. Its true that Krave would be my only sniper. I have Marjana but rarely use her.

Kravekrush it is. No other hero can do what he does and he hits very hard.

You have Azlar’s costume. In Rush, he can be a pain and his burn dot can get close to 700 in total

I propose a stalling tactic: Ferant.

Ferant is in some pretty high teams right now and he’s on my list to level. He’s a great hero.

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  • Kravekrush
  • Lewena
  • Costume Santa

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I voted for Lewena, but I’m pretty torn between him and Kravekrush. I do think though that Lewena is better overall, while Kravekrush is better for rush

Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one that sees a tough choice.


Looks like Kravekrush it is. Thanks everyone.

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