Which 5* from each colour should I ascend first (on my alt)?

I got bored the last few months and started an alt account, still a noob at lvl 28 / 3700 TP but I want to start planning ahead since I’ve almost built up enough 4* mats to ascend my first set of legendaries.

Have pulled some nice heroes and probably won’t be spending any more on this account next year since I’ve got more than enough heroes to work with at all levels.

My biggest priority at this stage is probably the best possible defense team, so considering which have good synergy but also which just stand out as top heroes. I’m lost as a lot of my top heroes are healers/supporters but then I don’t have enough versatility.

Currently I’ve narrowed down to these selections:
Red - Octros or C. Gravemaker?
Yellow - Director Zuri or Hanitra?
Green - C. Mother North or C. Francine?
Blue - Morel or C. Krampus (or Gaillard)?
Purple - Quartz? I feel like he’s clearly my best purple so I need to work around him?

Maybe a defense team like this?
C. MN - Hanitra - C. Krampus - Quartz - C. GM
Morel - C. Francine - Octros - Director Zuri - Quartz

Struggling a bit as I clearly don’t have enough attackers, so if no combos work then perhaps I should just ascend the best overall heroes and go from there.

Thanks for your help!

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You have awesome heroes on your alt account, GM, Emilio and Russel (they both work very well together, and GM is good everywhere) MN, Zuri, Krampus, Morel, Gaillard, Quartz…… and so on, actually most of them are great to ascend, it’s pointless to purchase more summon offers, you have more than what some have collected in couple of years, I’d concentrate solely on getting mats if I was you, clearly you have long way to the Lab, so chase only mats offers. So many good heroes, it’s hard to choose honestly. I’d go for taunter, one revive and three snipers if I was you, plenty to choose from though.


On a lighter note, you starting an alt account will make many of the game’s doomsday prophets faint :rofl:

I avoid saying who to level up
rather prefer saying, who suits your play style & who will be more useful for the over-all roster … need yo be prioritised.

I do exactly that & hence don’t ask which hero to complete or what emblem path to take…or who to LB…
these calls are based on points I ve mentioned above.

Happy playing the alt account.

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah that’s why I think I’m done with summons on here for a while as I have so many 3* and 4* to work on too. The only problem is I don’t seem to have any snipers other than Gaillard, so will have to take a different strategy :slight_smile:

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Well I assure you that wasn’t my intention :joy: But the alt account is lots of fun, as I have many heroes on here that my main does not have which is exciting. I know some people have many more alts but two is more than enough for me haha. Thanks for your response!

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Red - I would go Octros for now, though the Emilio/GM combo can be wicked.

yellow - Zuri

Green - depends on your planned usage because they are very different types. Need a healer/resurrection or need an attacker? Francine is also one ascension from completion, so I might give than an edge.

Blue - Probably c. Krampus (I have one without costume and love him), then decide if you are looking for an overall defender/attacker/defense down or do you need a hard hit sniper?

Purple - definitely finish Quartz

I wouldn’t put Quartz and Zuri on a defense team together.

What exactly is your secret on pulling because, damn.


Okay thanks! Yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with a good defense team combination if I go with Zuri but she’s def more useful to me than Hanitra, might have to sub yellow with a fully emblemed 4* for now.

And no secret, just a lot of pulls! Though I was lucky with some of them, like I pulled Octros & Morel in a 10 pull and same with Zuri & Emilio, never had that much luck on my main. Probably SGs way of tempting me so that I would spend more in other summons, and their plan worked :joy:

There is a gimmick synergy which you can pair with mok-arr and hanitra on offense. Hani may dodge your mok’s damage to allies and boost health without needing the enemies to fire their skills. But not a priority until you have built up your roster

Purple would definitely be quartz. His Level 1 charge is great

Blue is hard, you have quite a good selection. But I would say the blue gargoyle which I have forgotten the name. Even outside of fiends meta, he is still a strong sniper with a useful passive skill. Or morel would be nice

Yellow is zuri. Or if you want firepower, c justice

Green would be Francine, even the normal one is versatile, which I prefer over the costume

Red would be octros or gravemaker

Oh never knew about the Hanitra and Mok synergy, that’s pretty cool! It makes me almost want to ascend Mok as my top heroes are so healer heavy and then C. Francine would provide the cleanse anyway

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