Farming in Atlantis

Atlantis started today, where farming the best adventurer’s kit? I have 10 bottles and I don’t know where to go. Please help

This guide helps! Good luck hope you get plenty.


great, thank you very much

Backpacks? 1:9H - Good luck!

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Or 1-2

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1:2H, 1:5H, 1:7H and 1:9H are all good choices and I farm them regularly for backpacks. You get better results when it is AR, but I’ve gotten decent enough quantities (usually) during the regular time too.

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provincia 9 fase 9 y 10

Personally I find it best to alternate between 1:8 Hard and 1:9 Hard.
When I have continuously used the same location the backpacks sometimes dry up. So at that point I swap

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Give the adventurer pack seeds a chance to grow a bit before chopping down the adventurer pack trees again?

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I found 1-10H to be the best value for my loot tickets…

Then I drop back to 1-2N when I’ve burned through them and just need to autoplay.

I had over 1000 backpacks from it last time.


I have found 9-10 Normal to be the most profitable for me. I don’t think it drops as many backpacks, but it has a higher XP per WE, which is great while I’m autofarming.

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I bounce around 1-2N , 1-9N and 9-9N.

I dont use tickets so all in auto play

I use my loot tickets and life potions on 27-9H for XP farming fast then 9-10N for the leftovers. This get me 40% of my XP to the next level(wish I had more life portions and tickets and time to spend) The amount of loot, Fe,ham, and recruiters fills 4 TC11 to 32+days, HA for 2&3 troops for the same time if I wanted but keep it at 15days. The amount battle supplies(got to do something with all the Fe) is almost immeasurable.

thanks for all, i will use 5 bottle in 1-2N and 5 in 1-9N

Depends on wath you are searching for… Personnaly, I farm mainly for atlantis coins; I already have tons of materials, including backpacks. I go with 4-3 and 13-1 because there is 5 ennemy waves, so more chances to find those rare sea dragons.

XP means very little in this game

it appears the player level which is based on XP is tied into the probability equation. So the great the difference in mine and opponent player level the better/worse my chance of winning

I use 15-9N with tickets (recruits)… then 1-2N autofarm (backpack).

Is S2 province 1 Hard better than normal? From what I can see, Normal on province 1 seems better than hard for backpacks…

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thanks, interesting idea, I check it

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