Whatthewhat Looking for a few. Muchacho sent me!

10* titans. Recently booted a couple of war deserters. The usual, use flags etc. Blue tanks ATM. At 24 right now with a mix of FTP and PTP. Discord server optional. All tiers available in events. Casual but looking for dependable folks. Knock on our door and see if we’re a fit.

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War is completely optional, but if you opt-in you must hit.

10* titans are our current norm, but we can kill up to 12*. We’re just a bit in flux with members due to war rule enforcement.

Zero pressure for certain scores. All levels welcome. If you hit the titan and use war flags with honest effort then scores are irrelevant. Participation and effort are what’s valued.

We have players of all experience and spending levels, so we can help with anyone who joins as much, or as little, as they want it.

We also have players all over the world so someone is always on. We also have many familiar forum friends!

Otherwise relax and have fun!


Giving this a bump as we are still in the market! Hope to see you soon!