What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements

So it is not elemental, but not colorless. It is a tinted attack.

yellow tiles are yellow.
Battle items are colorless.
DOT are colorless.
slash/ physical attacks on defense from yellow heroes are tinted yellow.
special attacks from attacking or defending yellow heroes are tinted yellow.

So slash/ physical attacks on defense are really mini- special attacks with damage to target.

This is confusing as all heck.


Tinted is actually a really good way to describe it. Once I can confirm this is correct with raid footage, I think I might add “tinted” as a category to make the description less confusing.

Agreed. :slight_smile:


You are right… but I think there is no different tinted, element, color hero all are the same.

Enemy hero / titan normal attack and special is colorless/elemental-less/tinted-less.
But if there are status effect to specific color, then it will not color-less/element-less/tinted less anymore.

Like example you describe alasie +def ice/blue heroes friends againts any color enemy.
Works, has advantage.

Another case:
Also applied to defender Jackal+Joon. Jackal Hero Enemy +def the Attacker from yellow/holy defender (Later Joon attack), this will also work both defender and ofense.
Works, has advantage.

Another case:
I also test as attacker Anzogh +def againts enemy ice heroes. And also it works as espected. So enemy elemental-ice/blue normal or special skill (not yet tested, but in theory should do) will has advantage.
Works, has advantage.

Boldtusk Before buff: 44, After buff: 29.

Sorry to make you confuse.


Thanks pal for this useful information.

Maybe I missed something here, but what damage is done against elements that are not in the same rotation? Such as, blue against purple , or yellow against red? Are these all neutral damage?

All slash attack (from defense) and special skill (from offense and defense) are neutral, no strong/weak.

The exception for special, if there is written like this (Deals extra damage against Element).
And exception also apply for the opponent that has already elemental debuff.

So to answer your question, no strong/weak, all neutral. Everything is neutral except it is written damage more to specific element.

To clarify, I will give example like this.
Defense team: All Blue
Offense: All Red
So, defender slash attack and special skill all NEUTRAL, no strong weak. Except if defense bring Athena, which is clear in special written: Deals extra damage against Fire


Thank you for explaining color stacking in better detail.

Don’t sweat it, English is my first language too.

This thread is confusing. I was curious about Evelyn just as post 39 says. And then post 40 confirms Evelyn will hit harder on defense after using her skill.

Post 40 is incorrect yes?! As post 43 seems to suggest.

It’s strange because I see many top defenses with Evelyn. For fast dispel?

On attack it’s great because now tiles hit harder. Other than that… if I read OP correctly, and many posts here say the same: her skill does NOT read “does extra damage against element” and her defense slash is neutral so…
When on defense her lowering of “attacker defense” is pointless?..

Elemental defense buffs and debuffs, like the one applied by Evelyn, apply to damage from sources that match that element even if the damage would normally be non-elemental.

So Evelyn’s slash attacks would indeed deal more damage after applying her green defense debuff because those slashes are coming from a green hero.


Thanks Lex. This information in regards to armor debuff, really make it seem that defense slash attack are NOT neutral

At the very least… can be made NOT neutral by an armor debuff

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You are correct.

I edit my last post, to add also elemental debuff, althought thats another case and also has explanation and demo video anzogh. And also explanation about Jackal+Joon (has advantage) because element.

So to make more clear my last post I edit and add:

So beside tile damage, everything is normal no strong and no weak, except it is written specific “Element”. Thats it.

So, for a defense hero(QoH), all special and normal attacks are colorless on even an opposite color attack hero(Lianna). But, QoH minions with hit harder on Lianna than on Magni.

If one of the attack heroes(joon) gets an elemental(red) defense buff (kasherek) or debuff (falcon), then, normal, minion and special attacks of the defense hero(QoH) of that element(red) on that attack hero are either reduced or increased respectively, irrespective of what color the attack hero(joon) is.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the update

Can somebody please tell this to Boomer. The poor guy is being exploited and he does not even know.

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Damn… I’m liking Alasie. 410% damage while unlevelled? God knows what she does at max capacity.

You have no idea how helpful this has been @lexinen!! It’s literally the thing I spend the most time beating into new recruits heads and this is so well written and Easy to understand …well you e saved me A LOT of aggravation. So thanks once more


I read the first post in this thread, it seems to be clear, but somehow I still have doubts who and when deals elemental damage…

I have Agwe and I would like to know how to use her special. I won’t put her/him in my defence, so there won’t be any tiles…
So if I use Agwe in my attacking team, when I use her/his special, will she/he reduce damage from (both slash damage and specials):

  • green monsters
  • green heroes
  • green titans?

Yes the elemental is applied, slash attack from defender is similiar to tiles from attacking teams.
It also applied for special attack that do direct damage.
I also have demonstrate Anzogh in post #63.

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