New player, having some issues with blue and red. Your advice?



Trophy dropping

The short answer is, it is extremely complicated.

If you want to maximize your food, I would set a strong defense team and manually trophy drop.

([Trophy Tactics] "Waffle, "Drop", "Slow Climb" and "Hover" or tactics for deliberately changing trophies)

Good IAP gem deals

Some tips on IAP

( [Opinion, Discussion] Effective IAP gem deals in Empires or Return On Investment )

Color stacking

You are good.

To get the most use out of color stacking you need 2x to 3x rainbow teams which you are working on.

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Defense and Attack buffs

Generally speaking healing special skills and damage special skills are the best.

Extra attack is called an attack buff. Extra defense is called a defense buff.

Defense buffs are cool as a secondary effect ( Kiril, Wilbur, Aegir, Victor, etc. ) but has a limited duration and can be hard to time.

Attack buffs work better because you can time it easier.

One problem with color stacking, it does not help with your attacking team’s defense since enemies use tinted damage ( see link ).

So if you pick an hero of the correct color, with an attack buff, even dead they will do double tile / matching/ physical damage ( strong color stacking, grave damage. see above color stacking quote ).

While picking a hero of the correct color, with a defense buff, they might be killed before they can use their special skill.

( What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements - #61 by Gryphonknight )