What deals / offers are the most value for money?

I’ve been a f2p player since i started so i haven’t really been paying attention to the different deals that come up at different times.

Currently there’s a Dragon Magic offer for 350 gems & 30 days of vip for 6 SGD (approx 4.50 USD) which doesn’t seem bad as compared to the regular price of vip (7 SGD for 30 days).

I’m more inclined to spend on vip as i would like to get to HA 10 asap and the double builders help. Would this be the best deal for vip, or are there better offers out there that i should wait for?


There were two better ViP deals, for $4 I think (approximately), but those were several months ago. You won’t get another ViP deal for several months, so if you want a cheap enough ViP, it’s definitely worth it.

You can also (if you haven’t done it already) work for that 120-days free ViP playing the invite-your-own-alternate-account game.

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Thanks! Shame i missed the previous offers but i guess it’s not too big of a difference. Think i’ll start keeping a closer eye on the offers for gems too.

i’ve collected one “invite” reward and that’s what got me hooked on vip in the first place lol.


I believe there are twice a year deals that offer one month VIP at a 50% discount + some extra gems to boot.

Overall, VIP does probably offer the “most bang for the buck” in this game. Second maybe being PoV if you’re able to complete it. The ToL offer sounds good, but you have to go into that with the expectation that you are probably going to only pull vanilla feeders, so… really not that great unless you have excess money to burn and you’re feeling particularly lucky.

At least with VIP, you get some guaranteed rewards that will be helpful regardless of your personal summoning luck.


I believe the 2 better deals are Present from Rudolph and Cyber Week special which won’t come around again for a while. You save maybe 1 or 2 SGD there


ah cool thanks! i’ll keep my eye out for them in the future (if my HA10 isn’t done yet lol).

yes! the certainty of what i’ll be getting is exactly why i’d rather spend on vip! i’m still hesitant to spend on gems but if the vip pass comes with gems, why the heck not? :slight_smile: :wink:

thanks for the input!

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HA10 is a pain. Even if you have the iron storages built to upgrade it, you still need the food storages to research it.


i hear you!! i’ve maxed out my iron but still lacking in food storage and houses. helluva long road :confused:

HA10 is a pain for sure. I’m now over 30 months into the game and I’m finally at the point of finishing the last of my buildings and research for every building. And full disclosure: I had VIP for much of that time, which made building a lot easier. I wouldn’t even want to know how long it would take to max every building without having VIP at least part of that time.

I’d recommend the current VIP offer. Then I also go for the $2 USD offers that come with 400 gems & 25 summon coins. The best offers come with 200 gems per US dollar and then more on top.

The Path of Valor pass is good too if you reach tier 48+, but VIP, Atlantis-style offers, and PoV likely add up to more than you want to be spending all at once. Once you let this game in your wallet, it’s pretty good at digging deeper. You’ll want to know exactly how much you’re okay with spending before you go down a rabbit hole.

I’ll say this, though: With the typical $5 USD VIP offer and then all 4 copies of an Atlantis deal (or more likely Season 4 now), you’re buying 10 summons a month–plus an extra builder, daily emblems, and 90 loot tickets–for $13 a month plus tax.


Best deals are VIP pass in general followed by Path of Valor! If you don’t need anything special ypu get much more out of them than from any direct gem or summon offer!

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I am 15 months in the game and VIP up and running all the time. Still 2 weeks to go to make my HA10 fully developed. VIP is a good deal for sure.
So if you wanna spend, VIP is the best possible option atm.

That’s a pretty impressive pace. No idea how you managed to do it that fast. I don’t know how long I’ve been playing but it must be going on 12 months and i’m not that close. Although, maybe it’s feasible I will be in 3 more months.

cool, thanks for all the extra info on the other offers too. it’s nice to see a summary of the estimated total $ vs what you’re getting at the end of each month!

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It’s really difficult to spend only once in this game. Even more because that once will not help you that much.

So either don’t spend, or know that you are going to find more excuses in the future to spend again.

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I know quite well how long I am playing because I am still staying with one alliance since beginning. I did join them 20 days after I begun to play. So I am with this game exactly 450 days today :slight_smile:

Yeah, my pace to HA10 is quite heavy but I never used any shortcut (like speeding up building construction with gems).
I am lvl 59 now (60 soon) and grinding hard to farm enough resources to have them ready for buildings and research.
I can even imagine I could get to HA10 even sooner (app. 2 weeks sooner) but I had to choose in between other priorities.

FWIW, this is $4 USD as well.

VIP remains the best deal in the game, and these occasional deals make it even better if you’re going to spend at all.


I think this depends a lot on your play style, where you are in the game and how much you are willing to spend/ gamble. I’ve played this game f2p first 6 months, c2p next 6, vc2p next 12 months. Only pack I’ve bought this year was the Valentines gem share pack, because I wanted to gift my alliance mates a little something.

With that context, here are my thoughts:

  1. VIP is the best deal in the game. It covers 3 big game bottlenecks - building, emblems and loot tickets (for farming). And you get gems to play around with. So it’s really a little bit of everything. Not enough to make significant progress (except doubling building), but enough to keep you ticking along at a decent pace.

There are 2 special VIP deals - Dragon Magic in March, and the Rudolph deal in Dec (or thereabouts).

Edit: There’s also Cyber Week Special in November

  1. Loot ticket deals. There are two of them in the shop for gems and a Raining Loot Tickets $$ deal. Once you are in mid game, and ramping up your farming for recruits, items etc., loot tickets become your best friend. Especially during Atlantis Rises.

  2. Valor Pass. I bought it the first time and then never again (despite completing lvl 50 every single time). Apart from that single extra epic ascension item at level 48, nothing else stood out enough for me to tempt me to get it again. Like VIP, it has a little of many things. But it’s impact on your game progression isn’t as high as VIP, at least it wasn’t to me. However, many do consider this as one of the better deals. But in my endeavour to go from c2p to vc2p, this was the first to get axed.

  3. Various gem offers. This is a great thread to see the $ value comparison for gems across different offers.
    Gem-Dollar Spent Deal Comparison
    I use gems primarily for hero summons and a few for hero cap increase. I’ve also used them to buy the loot ticket gem deals a couple of times. This is the table I consult before spending for gems.

  4. Emblems and Ascension Items offers. Here we are moving away from c2p and getting into higher wallet zones. Simply because the amount of emblems/ items needed is so high, that one deal doesn’t make a big dent. Unless you are super close on a certain level and just need a little something to get over. Then again, that’s the starting of the slippery slide. I recommend farming alkashards for these if you want to stay c2p or below.

  5. Trainer heroes. Not going to lie, I’ve bought a couple of these. Same as point 4. It’s a momentary fix, and starting of a slippery slope towards more and more purchases.

  6. Goblin Balloon. Never bought it. Never wanted it. Possibly the most horrible p2p ad in the game.

  7. Share with your alliance mates deals. There’s a couple of gem ones and the Mythic Titan items one. Depends on your group, your personal connections and wallet size. I’ll buy the gem one for my mates. Never bought the items one and don’t plan to.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@Circe this is super detailed & really informative!

i’ll be honest, i was so fixated on the double builders that come with vip that i haven’t given much thought to the loot tickets. They seem like a major plus point considering i always burn out during atlantis.

I have the same sentiments as you on the valor pass - some of my alliance mates swear by it but i’ve never been too enticed by the prizes. Will probably consider valentines / share the gems when it comes back around though.

thanks a bunch!!

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