What deals / offers are the most value for money?

Happy to help :slight_smile: Just be aware, even with the double builder, HA10 takes quite a while. You need your stronghold, ALL food and iron storages, and your HA maxed. And you’ll probably also want to max your iron mines to keep up with your iron requirements. It’s doable of course, just set your expectations accordingly, since the build times get super frustrating!

Good luck :slight_smile:


You also need to be able to hold 300 recruits; so, don’t forget that houses need to be pretty high, too…


Best summons deal is the final day of tavern with 3000 coins for $30, so about 1/3 the usual cost for summons and you also get some gems and WE flasks

Except that Tavern of Legends offer only gives Legends portal summon tokens, not gems. And that portal has the worst odds in the game of summoning a non S1 hero. You can search the forums for various threads on the math comparison of legends portal vs others.

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Bad memory on the gems,

But none the less it’s still the cheapest dollar amount to each pull in the game, even if you don’t like the portal it’s still a good value deal

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Whilst I still dislike it (my summons are generally rubbish in it) it is better than it was.

At least you can get the current HOTM in the portal now.

But if there’s a very specific past HOTM you want (such as Seshet for example) then yes, the odds are terrible. If you just want any old HOTM it’s pretty similar to the other portal now.

It did originally, but it now has the best odds… by a slim 0.1%.

The odds for getting a PARTICULAR hero are the worst, but most people summoning aren’t trying to chase a particular non-featured hero, but any non s1 hero.

The bigger issue with Tavern is that outside of those 5 stars, everything else is crap. At least with the others you could get a useful 3 or 4 star. Which is why I still think Tavern should have ONLY trainers if you don’t get a 5.

I also think there should be a minimum 0.1% chance for every 5 in it. Which, yes, means the odds of getting any would constantly increase.

Well I haven’t really tracked tavern odds lately because that’s not a portal that appeals to me. Yes GM (or insert any other still desirable old hotm here) is great, and I still don’t have him, but I’m doing fine without him for the last 2 years.

As vc2p and sometimes c2p, I rather focus on the latest heroes with power creep, where even the 3-4s are new. Given how good Valhalla’s 3s turned out, I’d rather focus on S4 portal, and increase my chances of getting any new hero, rather than old dupes. And perhaps spin my luck in Costume Chamber sometimes to see if I get lucky with a 5 S1 costume, since I’ve already invested in levelling those up and costumes don’t need as much ascension mats.

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