We, Ourselves and Us alliance looking for new members or alliance merge!

Hi all

We are an active 11 team alliance, looking for either new members or a merge with a similar positioned alliance so we can move on to the next level of awesomeness!

The levels of our current alliance members are shown below:

Level 30-39 = 2 members

Level 40-49 = 2 members

Level 50-59 = 6 members

Level 60-69 = 1 member

We expect participation in as many wars as possible and the use of all flags if opted in (hey who doesn’t :-))

We take out 6* titans (with the odd 7* if it looks at us funny) but we want to start taking on the bigger, more titany, er, titans!

As we are looking to go more grrrr we respectfully request members to be at a minimum level of 30, but the higher the better (if an alliance is looking to merge then similar to the levels above would be great)

There’s a fair bit of banter on the alliance forum and it would be great to have more join in, we’re a good bunch spread across a number of time zones.

If you’re interested then feel free to reply within this thread, and alliance leaders get in contact!



We, Ourselves and Us


If you’re open to splitting up between alliances within the same family, we have room at various levels to accommodate everyone :). Members can move between alliances for visits or based on roster growth and we share communal Line chats for all players within the family. We’ll throw in a one-of-a-kind @Kayo caricature of your members upon joining. Postage fees may apply.

Guardians Reborn: Easily killing 11*, kill most 12* with 25 members currently. Our goal is to return to 14* when full. Focus is on both titans and wars. We rotate our war defense every 2 wars.

Guardians Heroes: Killing 11*, with goals to cap titans at 12* and to compete at a high level while having fun. No stress titans, but solid war focus.

Guardians Ascending: 10*/11* titans, with a titan goal of 12*. The general goal is to compete at a high level while having fun. Advance roster without taking the game too serious

Guardians University: 9*/10* titans, goal of capping at 10*. Typically, the advanced level of our training alliances. A good place to build your roster.

If you are interested, message me on LINE(utenablackrose) or Discord (Kikyo#2297)


The Shops Family has opening in houses at 3 different levels. We would be willing to chat with you more about what you are looking for if you’d like. Line ID: jadebutterfly75 or our leader/founder mama…bear (just 2 dots, forum adds the extra automatically)


We await your arrival…


My alliance “Together we’ll win” just split. We have a very casual group where it’s ok to miss an occasional titan and they will be forgiving if you miss a war every once in a while. “Together we’ll win 2” is more competitive. There are 14 here currently. We are planning on having coordinated tanks and a war strategy. We are expecting titan participation and will remove those who leave war flags. We are pretty active and chatty. We use but do not require line between the 2 groups (search for backwardzz). I think combining your group with “Together we’ll win 2” is a great solution. I am not really looking to drop my group since I still have loyalty to the group and name, but if you are willing to join us…all of you…we’d love to have you. You can be co-leader. The leadership range is 1 in 50’s, 2 in 40’s, 2 in 30’s, 7 in 20’s and 2 in the teens.

Hi, are you plan to merge to another alliance?

Please add my line id: pcheowhin to discuss further.


Hey @Dazzab44, I think you guys would be a good match for our alliance to merge with. I invite you to come check out our alliance “Wretched Warriors”.

We currently have 21/30 members but have 2-3 members who aren’t that active so we could definitely work something out to easily accommodate all 11 of your members. Our members are lvl 30+ including a few who are lvl 60+.

We are defeating 7-8* titans but currently struggle with 9* titans.

We also use LINE app to communicate, share war hits, etc but it is not a requirement.

Please let me know if you are interested and I hope we can work something out!

Perhaps you would like to give us at DREADLORDS-[SWORDS] a try.

Like you, we expect all 6 war flags to be used. And we are currently hitting 8* titans, though if you join, I am sure we can push that higher.

We do use Line to communicate (my Line ID is igh13 if you want to reach out).

We have exactly 11 spots open.

Hi all, cheers for all the replies, I have asked the other members in my alliance to check out all the alliances that have replied so far.

I’ll be in touch but cheers again for replying



Hey there we "The Lord is One looking for good Brothers and Sisters the to do battle with :roll_eyes:

B1gHeadAss, you’re the closest match, the other members are up for it as well. 11 of us come across and join you?

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Yes Welcome!
Do you have Line?
Btw, is Juswinbabie one of your members? He just joined our alliance yesterday.
We are currently at 22/30 capacity but I will make a few more spaces to accommodate all of your 11 members.
Feel free to come on over!

No, Juswinbabie not one of ours.

We don;t use line but we are active on the alliance forum in game, so we can see how we go to see if Line needed? I know a few are on Discord

You cool to have a co-leader from our side?


Hey @Dazzab44, I have created 11 spots for all of your members. I have discussed with the rest of the leadership in our alliance and we all agree to promote a co-leader from your side.

Please come join us!

Hey @Dazzab44, when do you guys plan to come on over? It would be nice to have you guys before the next war matchmaking. It’s also a perfect time since PoV just started.
(P.S we have a rare green titan right now!)

Hey! I would be interested in joining a new Alliance. I started all of 20 days ago, and am only level 20, but am enjoying the game and am actively pushing to level up and become a contributor. I got an open invite to an Alliance, but they are all non-English speaking so I’d like a group I can understand. I know I’m new, but I’m very active!

Thanks for considering,

Hi B1gHeadAss

Sorry for delay we’ve been having discussions in the in game forum and the general consensus is the members of our alliance who started it up 2/3 years ago want to keep the alliance going, so are only interested in an alliance merging with us, not the other way round.

If you are up for moving across to us then we will happily provide co leader and elder positions to your main guys.

Let me know, and if this changes things no worries and good luck in your future alliance!


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