War should be more often

OP you’re kidding right?


I honestly didn’t think this was a serious thread, until I read your post @BraveGirl.

Totally agree!

Um… It takes me a lot more than that. Perhaps you have found a short-cut you’d like to share :thinking:. I’ve only been playing two years, so perhaps I’ve been doing this all wrong?


I would’ve like to see Wars the same way as Mythic Titan: 12 flags! Starting with 3 flags and each time 6 hours pass by we receive another additional 3 flags. I think it may be awesome! :sunglasses:

Maybe vote on this if you want more war.

@BraveGirl What would you like more of, give some ideas on what content you would like to see. In added game play.

How long do 3 or 6 war hits take? They have a time limit lol. Definitely doesn’t take long to play war unless your in some alliance that twists themselves in pretzels to do some “strategy” you need a slide rule to figure out and you have to hit at this time and not that time.

If you just play and do your hits when you feel like it then war doesn’t take much time at all.

3 war fights × 3 Minutes = 9 minutes
6 pvp fights x 2 minutes = 12 minutes
3 titan fights x 1,5 minutes = roughly 5 minutes
Daily quests = lets say 3 minutes
Filling chest = 5 minutes (autoplay the rest)
5 tournament fights x 3 minutes = 15 minutes

In total 49 minutes(!) And that doesnt include:

  • any leveling hero
  • any event
  • any quest
  • any item built
  • pvp fight 7 till 12
  • anything on alchemy lab, blacksmith, academy
  • any interaction with your alliance
  • any multiple completion of monster chest
  • any progress in pve content
  • any titan attack 4, 5 or 6

Soooo… it takes about an hour a day just to do the LEAST stuff in the game :laughing:
I think you dont have time issues, but many people do. I have a wife and 4 kids :slight_smile:


Most of the person’s comments or threads created are either jokes or some ridiculous things to catch attention. Just ignore the girl/guy. One can’t take suggestions like those seriously. And if this doesn’t sound as funny as i see it, maybe check some other threads she/he has stated opinion :smirk::smirk:

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Don’t forget Ninja Tower. My time is about
Day 1: 20 minutes
Day 2: 35 minutes
Day 3: 50 minutes
Day 4: 70 minutes
Day 5: 90 minutes

I’m sure players with better rosters willing to use battle items do it much faster. I’m poor and use mostly emblemed four stars because my roster is crap.


Well we’ve identified the problem. Now we just need to workshop a solution :joy:

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10 minutes each a day :grin:

Kids love farming!


Yeah I hear about this stuff and I see how people might be burned out.

In our alliance we just come on and hit when we feel like it. We win some we lose some. We don’t try to overengineer some strategy.

I think if it was less orchestrated on the alliance side 3 wars in a week wouldn’t be any problem for most.

^I agree. Didn’t get much traction when suggested from a thread a while back, though.

I agree to a point. However, the vast majority of competitive alliances adopt some type of war strategy.
And that strategy is run over two 12 hour periods with three war flags in each half. And you work to colour coordinated tanks and wave attacks as an example before you go FFA with tank busters and clean up teams and one shot teams etc etc
I personally wouldn’t mind 3 wars a week if they were presented as “fast” and each player only received say 3 war flags.
But I doubt that will ever happen. War is just going to get a little bit more complicated and strategy based when SG introduces new “formations” on the battlefield much like they have with raids

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Crazy, do you eat ham? :wink:


More of a bacon chap myself :wink:


Say a prayer for Petri and Kira. (no tags deliberately)

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I just hate using battle items, my mains are cheap antidotes, turtle banners and harpoons that I just craft to not drop so much steel when my storage is full (which is a lot of the time). (harpoons are stupidly resource hungry but what am i saving things for?)

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If you’re full on iron try crafting some tornados as well, they’re great to boost your titan scores here and there.


I kind of know how they work but just never considered it. :thinking: Thank you.

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