Give all 6 war flags at the start

I’ve seen it several times where members can only use 3 if their 6 flags during a war. Life happens, and schedules aren’t fluid. Take the weekend war for example: the second half of the war doesn’t start until 11:00pm Saturday night for myself. I have 3 kids. I’m asleep by then. The morning I have to get up and get myself ready, get my kids ready, make everyone breakfast, get the family to church, lunch after, and then finally home when the war is finished. I can’t tell my family, “hold on, Daddy needs to play his game.” I shouldn’t have to only play in a war once a week because life is busy. Is there a reason we can’t just have all 6 flags in the beginning to use whenever we have the time to?

It would be a good thing to have all 6 flags at start for such reasons and then be able to plan how and when we use them…i second the idea of having all 6 flags at start of war.


I can defently see. If this was implemented. Many people in Europe/Africa would enjoy the midweek war more. And more people around the timezone belt would enjoy the weekend war more. I can defently see the current 12 system causing people with less time to just not want to play this game at all.


Valid request. I have not understood the point of splitting war energy.


Would help our alliance for sure. Clearly the aim is to drive engagement but now there are so many more events and other arenas that didn’t exist when this system of war flags was decided, they could loosen it now.

Most times when we have flags left it was exatly as OP said. RL often happens and 12 hours is a narrow window when much of it overlaps with people’s sleep cycle.


Its probabily so we are more active on the game during the day/night…every activity can cause u to buy smth in that span of time and earn them profit…less active u are through the day its less likely u will buy smth :woman_shrugging:


IF SG does not want to give all six flags at once, extending the war time would be a viable option. An extra six or twelve hours would go a LONG way to solving the problem.

There is nothing to conflict with unless it is a question of server load to some such. War flags are for war only so no problem there and it would allow players to plan better for personal circumstances.


The simplest thing would be 6 flags of the bat…but thats not a bad idea either…in anycase they should consider to make our lives easier and to aliviate those who just dont have the time due to time zones rl and work sleep etc…its a game ane should be more rl oriented in my opinion…i dont struggle with it but i know many people do…running on bathroom breaks or waking up at certain times to use rest flags is a bit annoying.
It would help big time and it would surely reduce the amount of flags unused due to obvious reasons

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It appears that such is not popular, there was a much older idea and feature request thread (plus more):

Its totaly diff idea…he wants to cut the time for war…which is bad idea cause we do have time zones…24h is enough but the idea is only to have 6 flags on start so it makes it easier for those people who are for example at work or its bed time during second part…they could use their flags for example in thr first 12h then…it would make the biggest difference to those people.

Not all of the players have the priviledge to check in the game every 15mins…for example many jobs dont allow cellphones during work hours…so cut at least 8h away…and many people work way more hours aswell.
It would just be an option to use flags at your covinience.
It would not force anyone to use them before or after like he said nor was there a demand to cut war time shorter. :slight_smile:

That was the reason I wrote (plus more). But the idea of having all 6 war flags from the start is already been proposed there.

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Não que me faça diferença ou afecte… mas teve o meu voto

Google translation:

Not that it makes a difference or affect me … but you had my vote

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I did try to find a thread that talked about this so that i dont make a new one and this was the only one i found and it didnt have any votes or comments…so i tought it wasnt noticed and wanted to “revive” it.
The idea came from talking to many other players from different alliances on a group chat…they said they would like to see that happen so here goes nothing :slight_smile:

Than you for the support. I think this would really help many alliances in wars. Too many times we’ve lost because people don’t have the time to get their last 3 attacks in the final 12 hours. Life happens.


I fully agree. The aggressive way I fight Wars demands that I have all six flags available at the very start.

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That’s a great idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

This gives SG nothing but they lose on the fact that war makes people login twice and each login means more engagement and more revenue. Don’t think they’ll do that

It will fix a lot of issues with schedules and timing, many alliances try to coordinate attack and some times trying to get all to the same schedule is hard

Well causing players to be kicked from an alliance because they can’t use up all their flags would also deter them from wanting to keep playing the game. I think keeping players happy is a better business position to be in. Just my $0.02

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i wish this get implemted, especially when in dire need of some time limit.

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