War should be more often

I like being in war. Make it 3 times a week, please.

Yeah!!! War generals don’t need sleep lol​:astonished::astonished::astonished::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m surprised they love having war on the same two days each week. I get that the weekend war probably allows more participation and a change there will probably be hated.

I voted. Seems like it could easily go to three a week and they could implement a nice war history tab too.

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I agree. Helps also in the 50-day POV as well as speed up filling the war chest. Locking my vote.

If there are more wars, they will surely increase how many attacks you have to do…

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I am not sure about that.

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To be honest, I think some players, some alliances and even more war generals / councils would really struggle with more than two wars in a week.
Personally with all the new stuff in the game and more to come - there is already enough to fill up any spare time I have, probably too much


Bad timing for this post considering all the players complaining about not being matched in war. Twice a week is already stressful enough, in my opinion.


Personally, I would not like it. I struggle enough using my war flags mid-week (always have to do it at night, I have no time during the day). No problem on the weekend, but then having two wars on the weekend is too many.


You have one day of preparation after matchmaking, then one day of war, then one day (or two) of post-mortem analysis. So each war takes at least 3 days.

If you want to have 3 wars per week, they’d either have to halve the post-matchmaking preparation and post-mortem analysis times or introduce a 9-day week. :crazy_face:

I’m happy with the current arrangement.


Well, there is always the choice to opt out of war if some member or the entire alliance cant fully participate in their war. The thing is, it let truly active players to be rewarded when playing often and not curtailed by the limitation of other members in the same alliance.

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I like wars. I like to think that adding one more war to the week can speed the opening war chest thing. I hope the fact war happening more often doesnt mean a nerf to the war chest loot.

3 would be too much with other things happening unless it gets adjusted.
it can be better if we have 6 attacks right from the start to reduce time constraints and we can basically attack anytime


Do think the cons out way the pros on this. Ok the option to opt out is there, but it will have people feel like there letting the alliance down and messing up there war chest loot as not be 100% onced open. if people only do one war a week I have few players in my alliance that just weekend war or midweek there chest be even lower.


We have a large span of active to less active players in a ~rank3000 ally with long-term players. So AW on the weekend is fine, but during week there are mostly 5-10 open matches, same for our opponents. This tends to create bad mood. I think 1 AW on the weekend is perfect, 2 are a limit. Rather change to give 6/6 attacks initially, so players are free to enjoy the game whenever they want. Playing 3 matches Thursday morning in EU sucks for most members.

Option to opt out is no option if players lose the chest contents and Path of Valor by less participation. And they forget to opt out in time anyways. :wink:

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Bad idea. Two wars per week is complety enough.


This might be an unpopular opinion, but I LOATHE wars. Yes since they’ve dropped field aid it’s made wars slightly less of a chore (I thi k I’d probably perma bench if it were still a thing), but still with the randomness AND going against their strongest for all 6 flags, I find it wars nerve wracking.
Id find wars more enjoyable if the teams changed each board wipe. Like make defense ALSO have to create 6 separate teams as well.

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Please no, due to the time zone thing I was up at 3:00 am and won’t get to bed before midnight. 3 times a week when you are currently in an unfavourable timezone would be a horror for me.


This might be an unpopular opinion, but I LOATHE wars. Yes since they’ve dropped field aid it’s made wars slightly less of a chore.

I loved field aid but that undead horde? I loathe it. I have no heroes apart from Kvasir who deals with minions and he won’t last against a 4000tp opponent.


Please nooo :smile: , after a while people get bored and lose their attention to wars. It’s hard to bring that disipline on even with 2 wars.

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No thanks. They are a source of big work and stress especially for alliance leaders. And the rewards are not worth it (Never got a 4* mat in any war chest in my 16 months playing) so no thanks.


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